While Greenwich gets sleet, we’re doing better up here

4 degrees, 45-mph – winds, fire in the stove; all good



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9 responses to “While Greenwich gets sleet, we’re doing better up here

  1. Anonymous

    Sleet is done, now we’re getting heavy bands of snow (up to 2 inches per hour at points supposedly) on top of the ice. Its more fun to drive when you can’t see the ice because its covered in pretty snow.

  2. Cos Cobber

    That looks cold my friend.

    It has changed back to full snow and in the process laid down a quick 4 inches on top of the four or five from the first burst of snow.

  3. Toonces

    Heavy snow here Chris – it’s beautiful!!

    • One of my great memories of town goes back to the winter of 1977-78, when we had a couple of really, really big blizzards. There of us, fresh out of college, were renting a drafty old home (one of the Mead homes, now a condo) on Milbank, and during the nighttime during those storms we’d strap on our X-country skis and tour Greenwich Avenue and the surrounding streets. Truly silent nights, no traffic, street lights obscured by blowing snow, it was truly a wonderland. Great times.

      • JK

        Sounds like such fun. I know going down Greenwich Ave. would be great, how did you get back up? No snow in SD CA

        • Well, with X-country skis, you can go up hills, as well as down them. Of course in those days, there were a number of bars at the bottom of the Avenue, always open regardless of the weather, and a quick restorative was available to help us power back up the street.

        • JK

          Boy I never gave the Bar’s a thought. What a great idea and I bet they did a great business then. Sounds like fun.

  4. Anonymous

    So are there actually plow operators in Cos Cob, or is that just a joke?

  5. Matt

    I lived on Greenwich Ave for 8+ years and one of my favorite things was going out in the midst of a heavy snow storm – day or night – for a walk down the Ave and the surrounding streets. I completely agree that it was a wonderland during those moments. Very peaceful.