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Not much on open house tour today

Come back in Juky

Come back in July

I’m still up in Maine (returning today or tomorrow) but the snow has caused the cancellation of almost every broker open house anyway: two single families, a couple of rentals and a co-op or two; that’s it. That’s okay, it just means there will be more to report on next week.


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More on that Super Bowl

Throws like a girl

Throws like a girl

Ed Driscoll: Fear and Loathing at the Nanny Bowl

By my rough count, there were at least two ads featuring people with no legs, one with a missing father, one with misogynistic anti-male crack from comedienne Sarah Silverman, and one ad bullying a ten year old boy because he said someone “plays like a girl.” (The horror.) And perhaps most infamously based on comments on Twitter and even the London Daily Mail, one dead ten year old boy, thanks to Nationwide.

What were their ad reps thinking last night?

A friend of mine watching the game at my house last night, a fellow member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy bivouacked behind enemy lines in Deep Blue Socialist California, dubbed it “The Nanny Bowl.” He’s definitely on to something. As journalist Kevin P. Craver tweeted to me last night, “I fell into an alternate universe in which the party that loses the November election gets to write the Super Bowl ads.”


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