Not much on open house tour today

Come back in Juky

Come back in July

I’m still up in Maine (returning today or tomorrow) but the snow has caused the cancellation of almost every broker open house anyway: two single families, a couple of rentals and a co-op or two; that’s it. That’s okay, it just means there will be more to report on next week.


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28 responses to “Not much on open house tour today

  1. Little favor: As you are leaving Maine, will you put that heavenly octagonal summer house in your truck and drop it off here in Bedford? Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter!

    • EOSR: if it means i have to find cute dogs and cats so that you won’t forsake us for MOTUS (not that it isn’t a great website), i will:

      • That was YOU who said ‘Welcome EOS’ at MOTUS?? I’ve been reading her blog for as long as I’ve been a regular at White House Dossier, three or four years, and in both I commented with a different moniker until this week when I changed my Disqus moniker to sync with my true alias, EOSr. I’m still undercover of darkness at WHDossier.

        Please send both dogs, ASAP. Love.

  2. I am expecting the usual repetitious comments. Postage stamps lots in Riverside/OG prefab for $1 million a square millimeter fly off the shelf while back country owners give away 50 acre white elephants for pennies on the dollar.

    Next, We all chime in about the quality of the different public schools. Then we all admit most go to private if they can afford it.

    Third, we discuss misappropriation of funds and how it is affecting our real estate market. The would include MISA, Byram pool or PCB cleanup.

    Possibly a comment about lack of info from GAR.

    Lastly, Walt chimes in with something to lighten it all up.

    This is the typical formula for a successful typical open house posting on this blog.

    • Cos Cobber

      Nice. Now that has been said, we can look forward to nearly zero comments.

    • Accolay

      Truths everyone agrees with:
      – Backcountry is too far, Riverside is too crowded unless you’re by the water.
      – All G schools suck. Go to Bronxville or Scarsdale.
      – Government likes our money
      – Who cares about GAR
      – Who is the real Walt? : )

      • Anonymous

        You forgot to mention swinging.

      • Cos Cobber

        Accolay, You also forgot that you have a strange obsession for this town considering you’re not interested in living here.

      • I thought Gideon was Walt.

        • Accolay

          Think I mentioned swinging in ONE of the postings below. Now I’m known as the Greenwich swinger? I actually like Greenwich, but only select neighborhood, Cos Cobber. Parts of the cob are nice, IMO.

        • Price Reduced

          Gideon doesn’t have it in him to be as vulgar as Walt tends to be from time to time.

      • Swinging

        Top 5 all time key party during the Super Bowl this weekend.
        3 couples from Miami brought “friends”.
        Made last years “Halloween Party” look like a middle school dance.

        • anonymous

          My guess, Swinging, if you feel the need to talk about all the party action on this blog, you are either a 15 yo horny kid or a 35 yo loser living in your moms basement, dreaming you could be at a super bowl key party.

        • Swinging

          Sorry you weren’t invited old man!
          Better luck next time?
          I doubt it.

      • Anonymous

        Bronxville and Scarsdale are not crowded? Have fun paying your 50k and up property taxes there.

        • Accolay

          Might be a little crowded, but that’s the character of these villages. If you’re moving far out to Greenwich and sacrificing schools and commute time, the least you can ask for is some nice space, otherwise you might as well be closer to the city. Again, something with which I’m sure most on FWIW would agree.

  3. Anonymous

    Slightly off topic, but I just learned that the Greenwich Board of Realtors has its own Hall of Fame. No, seriously.

    Chris, what year were you inducted, and how was the banquet?

  4. Horrible Metro North crash in Valhala. They are reporting fatalities. Prayers.