1911 house reports a deal

30 Stanwich Road

30 Stanwich Road

30 Stanwich Road, asking $4.975 million. Gorgeous house, so long as you don’t walk behind it, as the photographer obviously did here. This has been on and off the market since 2006, when it started at $6.450 million. Now, three brokers and numerous price reductions later, it sells in 25 days. That’s always frustrating for the brokers who worked hard for nothing, but then again, there’s a lesson there about accepting overpriced listings.


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23 responses to “1911 house reports a deal

  1. Patrick

    Gorgeous says it

  2. Anonymous

    A rare occasion when a quintessentially Greenwich house is featured here.

    • That’s from lack of inventory, not because I don’t love them.

    • I adore old houses, especially this vintage, but I’m having a hard time seeing the quintessential aspect of this house. I don’t love the roofline (it’s very roof-heavy), the railings over the front entrance don’t appeal, and the entire back of the house looks off. The eyebrow thingies on the roof bother me too. To my eye, it doesn’t come close to the classic exterior lines of the one on Old Church you posted last week. Pass.

      • Accolay

        EOS, I think something like this might be up your alley…

        • No, that’s not me. Not that the house isn’t pretty and Pondfield is a beautiful road in Bronxville but I’m a hick from Bedford who’d be a fish out of water living in something that fancy.

        • Accolay

          Love Heathcote. Wish there were neighborhoods of homes after homes like the Pondfield and Heathcote homes here in Greenwich. Sadly the perfect neigb doesn’t exist.
          PS: Don’t think the Pondfield is any fancier than Bedford, EOS!

        • Accolay: I have a few old friends in Bronxville – some that I knew from when we were all with young kids living poor in the city. When most of us jumped ship to the burbs, a handful went to Bronxville. Each town has its flavor of residents – and reasons people flock to it. It’s a very personal decision and it’s mostly the wife who has to see herself happy in the mix of families in any given town. Bronxville wasn’t for me, but it’s a great place to visit! 🙂

        • Accolay

          EOS, just curious as to how the flavor is different? Obviously more urban feeling than Bedford, but the residents in Bronxville, Bedford, Greenwich etc all strike me as the same. No?

        • Toonces

          Interesting Accolay – nice house. Too overdone for my taste but wow is Bronxville expensive! High price and what are the taxes? Crazy high I bet

        • Accolay

          Started looking recently and I was way surprised how expensive Bronxville is – much more than some of the nicer parts of Greenwich. Taxes on this beauty are 96K!!!

      • I think you’d have liked my father’s childhood home, designed and built by his father. We still use some of his drawings of windows, doors, etc. as art on our walls.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe archetypical would be more precise. It’s pre-1940, rambling, on acreage, on one of the important roads, etc.

  3. Anonymous

    Sold Direct

  4. greenwich dude

    great house
    great location
    woulda shoulda coulda

  5. Accolay

    Any idea if a young couple is buying this? Still don’t understand why young folks spend $$$ to buy old homes in Westchester (Larchmont, Bville, Scars), but not in Greenwich.

    • Anonymous

      It seems like there’s more inventory of reasonably-sized old houses in those towns (well, at least Scarsdale for sure). OG lot and house sizes, but old–2,000-3,000sf range, less than 1/3 an acre. Here, not so much. Either it’s places like that heading for the wrecking ball to get max FAR or big old rambling places like this on acreage that don’t work for most young couples.

      • Rick

        We’re not young, but 2-3000 sf and less than 1/2 acre describes what we’re looking for, and you’re exactly right about the inventory in Greenwich. Very depressing.

  6. Anonymous

    Bronxville does not just let anyone move into their town- more than half the residents of Greenwich would be kept away!! It is amazing they still get away with it!!

    • Accolay

      I didn’t realize it was 1950 anymore. You’re wrong.

      • T

        Anonymous@7:21 – what are you saying? Who do they try to keep out?
        I know a fantastic jewish couple who live there. Do people try not to sell to certain people? Eh,who cares. The taxes are too high anyway. You’d have to be nuts to choose a stodgy landlocked small town over Greenwich