Contract on Pintail Lane

17 Pintail Lane

17 Pintail Lane

“New” construction (notes indicate it may have been renovated), asking $2.695 million. Pintail’s a nice street because it doesn’t get the traffic of Mallard, and I guess new construction costs what it costs. To me, a 7,000 square foot lot, no yard, a small house (3,700 sq. ft. but a third of that’s the basement, and a FARPort, wouldn’t strike me as my dream house. Then again, what do you expect for under $3 million?


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13 responses to “Contract on Pintail Lane

  1. anonymous

    Pintail and Mallard intersect with Merganser and Scaup, or is it Eider and Widgeon? Will Mr. and Mrs. Muscovy move in?

  2. Cos Cobber

    Fairly tasteful build. Would have been nice to avoid those two gas fireplace bump outs thought.

  3. Question

    Does converting wordburning fireplaces to gas hurt or help resale value?

    • I don’t think it would be a huge factor in a buyer’s thought process, but gas fireplaces are much more popular these days, probably because so few people know how to build a real fire. What my family used was a gas pipe on the floor of the fireplace, with a few openings. Assemble a wood fire, crumple some newspaper, light the paper, turn on the gas, voila! A nice flame that enabled you to burn wet, even green wood, without the bother of using kindling. Nice compromise.

      I do suggest that a wood burning fireplace in the upstairs master bedroom is a complete waste of money; in all my time in this business, I’ve never seen one that showed evidence of being used, probably because of the hassle of hauling wood upstairs. If I were going for ambiance, I’d definitely install a gas-fired fireplace there.

  4. Publius


    For someone who is downsizing/empty nester this might make sense. Neat area, easily walkable to town (although the uphill @ Anderson may give pause), JC not an issue. The only thing is that this area has not been fully bulldozed and rebuilt yet, though there has been a few. A buyer might be a little over the skis at list price given the modest houses in the neighborhood, but you never know the way prices are headed for in-town locations.

  5. Anonymous

    New Build=Quick Sale

  6. Fast Twitch

    Went for a run today, happen to pass through the Keoffram/Meadow road area and….
    I totally get it.
    And if I had the mega millions to buy a spot there, consider it done.

  7. ShedLessToolMan

    Yawn – can you pass the vanilla please?

  8. Anonymous

    How very Riverside.

  9. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    Can you imagine buying a house for $2.8m that doesnt even have an enclosed garage? I think that would piss me off every day

  10. Anonymous

    Nearly $1mm more than vanilla house at 551 river rd cos cob (NMS / EMS)…Craziness. There are also 2 houses on Palmer Hill (OG or Riverside…not sure) for same price and better schools (NMS/EMS). Shocking…but great for the street, bar has been raised. Let the Spring market begin…. with rates this low…bidding wars…maybe??

  11. Anonymous

    With MC Cos Cobber on the inability to imagine buying a house for $2.8mm that has a carport but it’s new construction of reasonable quality on a nice, quiet street close to town and train. Some parents actually seek out JC school, too, but at this price point, that is less relevant. Teardown pace in this area is interesting. A fair amount of recent turnover on these streets, with some “merely” renovated/upgraded and at least two teardowns in-process on Widgeon (four in total on the two blocks if you count this and its sister house next door).