Here’s a surprise

"Keep you friends close and your hated neighbors closer."  19 Hidden Brook Rd

“Keep you friends close and your neighbors closer.”
19 Hidden Brook Rd

19 Hidden Brook Road, Riverside, reports a contract. It’s original price of $7.5 million was – er, “ambitious’, but even its latest asking price of $6.250 seemed excessive, to me, for a house with no yard and lots of neighbors watching your every move. Obviously, those characteristics are not seen as drawbacks by newcomers to Riverside.


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38 responses to “Here’s a surprise

  1. Anonymous

    If they paid more than $5 million they’re idiots.

  2. Anonymous

    Not even a good location.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Its good that its moving. Good for everyone.

  4. Anonymous

    toonces called it, good for her

  5. not saying

    Just FYI:
    Dear Neighborhood Associations, RTM members, Elected Officials, Land Use
    Committee of the RTM, Members of the press, and interested parties,

    The Planning and Zoning Commission is looking forward to the first
    charrette regarding the Eastern Greenwich Neighborhood Plan, which will be
    held tomorrow evening Thursday, February 5th at 7:00 p.m. at the Old
    Greenwich Elementary School in the cafeteria.

    Kind regards, Katie

    Katie DeLuca, AICP
    Director of Planning and Zoning
    Town of Greenwich

  6. Accolay

    What’s the average price per square foot of a Sabag house? Surely they’re the highest in Greenwich?

  7. Vacation homes in the Hamptons are going for more.

  8. Toonces

    Thanks Anonymous @3:21 pm. This house is swanky. Cool interior but cozy at the same time. Great outdoor summer set up. Love it. Nice big lot and in a great location, in a great town where there are so many great homes and neighborhoods that people fight about which ones are the best.

    • Cos Cobber

      I very much like the interiors too. Maybe a few details are too contemporary, but 90% is seemingly perfect. Yes, much ‘cozier’ than the typical new construction mid/large home. So is this place worth more than low $4s…well, not to me – but hey.

      • Toonces

        I think those extra details bring it over the top. It’s almost staged architecturally speaking – the builder did some interesting things to make it stand out.

  9. Sabag does a great job. He appeals to such a wide audience that you cast a really large net. Thus, after you buy when you go to later sell again it makes it an easier experience. I would think there is additional value in the later easy resale.

    He deserves a premium for his work.

  10. Accolay, The round hill Sabag is beautiful with really nice touches. When you arrive to a gas lantern sconce flanked wood gate it really sets the tone. The kitchen and pool area are comfortable and social.

    20 years is a long time for anything to stay relevant. Car leases are 3 years for a reason. Appliances and home technology even change – examples, intercoms, lightbulb types, etc.

    I think a 20 year time frame is just too long a test for something to still maintain that type of current relevant sizzle.

  11. Mickster

    I wonder if the HFunder who bought this originally will cover himself. There are those out there who have no value in privacy and prefer to put themselves on show for all to see in their back yard – this place is perfect for that. Value or worth is very subjective. Beautiful design – poor lot size and location.
    And opinions are like a**holes – everyone has one.

    • Anonymous

      And the a**holes move to Riverside.

    • Anonymous

      He still has to move 26 Glen Avon. And he’s already $1 million underwater on that one.

    • GreenITCH

      Is it vanity or is it as much fact that when you move from the city you would like more living area but don’t want the expense , headache or appreciate the notion of a yard ? Id say the later . Yeah those coming from the city yearn to be able to BBQ in their backyard , maybe even an outdoor fireplace for entertaining in the fall . As a quiet street plenty of area to throw around a baseball / football or teach your child to ride a bike . However as CF has pointed out a town with our limited and crappy amenities is a fine fit given low taxes ( comparatively to NYC, Westchester or NJ ) and then you join a CC if the kids and wife need a pool or want to play tennis

  12. Anonymous

    $4mm house.

    • Funny How?

      Pretty close to it.
      Esp. With those houses going up nearby on quieter streets.
      And that they’re new construction and all.
      Anything over 4.5 is lucky!

      • Anonymous

        Seems there are a lot of mid/back country folks on this thread who DO NOT want this house to be worth as much as it sold for. OG/Riverside are hot.