Kentucky hollers are also tough sells

244 Stanwich Rd

244 Stanwich Rd

244 Stanwich Road is back on the market, five years after first being listed, still unsold. Asking price is $1.925 million. It’s not a bad house at all (though I question its classification as a “Cape Cod”), but it has a pond instead of a back yard and, more daunting, a hell of a driveway that plunges from Stanwich to this property. That puts many buyers off.

This way to Loretta's place

This way to Loretta’s place


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10 responses to “Kentucky hollers are also tough sells

  1. Cos Cobber

    I can’t live in a house located lower than the road – but that’s just me.

    Style? Dwarf French Chateau?

  2. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    I think its a pretty house and a decent value for that price.

  3. Anonymous

    gorgeous home but yes a steep driveway like that can be a doozy. we passed on a house on stanwich that actually went the other direction–too steep.

  4. Rick

    Planned to go to an open house here last year, but frankly found the driveway too scary and drove on by. Could never,ever, see driving this in the winter. More like a ski jump than a driveway.

  5. Anonymous

    if one must, the fix is ripping up driveway and doing radiant heat system. nonetheless, if there is a ton of snowfall, it’s still a location issue–where to pile the stuff. invest in quality snowblower (or hire someone)!

  6. Anonymous

    This house needs that driveway heated pronto. I drove to see it at a summer open house and I couldn’t get past my fear of sliding right down that driveway and crashing into the house. Or worse, someone else crashing into house and me! The sellers should promise to fix that as soon as the contract is signed. Easy to do quickly.

  7. Junior

    I went to see this house when it was on the market about a year and a half ago. Honestly the treacherous driveway was the third worst thing about this house. I remember there being a coat closet of a master bath and power lines draping over the pool among other things. We passed.

  8. Anonymous

    Same here went to open house and find driving down was the easy part….driving up (in spring) only seeing sky…turned around and used the back up cam…and this in a LR4…which is exactly what you need. You’re 911 or Honda Civic has no shot!

  9. Anonymous

    i just looked at google street view and it doesn’t look that bad, 15 degree slope maybe? is it steeper in person? long driveway though, that’s a big ol’ expense to rip up and put in heat starting around where the concrete steps start, or even closer to the street (assuming not a lot of city easement).