Tough sell

66 Cherry Valley Rd

66 Cherry Valley Rd

66 Cherry Valley Road has dropped its price and is now asking $11.888 million. Back in 2003, this house came up for sale at $18 million, and I opined then that it was a ridiculous price. The owner was furious, threatened me with all sorts of nasty things, and two (or three) years later, sold it for $11. This owner seems to be having the same difficulty moving it, and has been trying since 2010 to Move On™.

One of the people in Greenwich real estate I respect (and like) most, Tom Gorin, once observed, “people want contemporary houses, they just don’t want your contemporary house.” That seems to be the case here.


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21 responses to “Tough sell

  1. Anonymous

    No matter your style – it screams 1980s. for that price it should be updated.

  2. Upperwestsider

    This neo-modern showcase/euphemism for a contempo reminds me of the Doral Arrowwood Hotel. Surely the same architect?

  3. Anonymous

    Nice office building, is that where Hartford Insurance relocated?

  4. Riverside Dog Walker

    I think it is beautiful, but then again, I don’t have the money or need so who cares? At least it is different from your standard 4BR Riverside colonial, and I resemble that remark.

  5. Anonymous

    Madoff house?

  6. Anonymous

    This town is not forgiving of non traditional styles.

  7. ShedLessToolMan

    They should rent this out for film shoots. Wolf of Wall Street part 2 or groovy 80s movies. Not the kind of movies Walt is thinking of.

    The house just looks like a perfect movie scenery or prop to me.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    I, too, love Tom Gorin. Sage advice and counsel in a crazy biz.

  9. rivman

    Ideal for the new Greenwich Sanitarium.

  10. Anonymous

    The problem with contemporaries is that so many become immediately dated. Something with truly clean, simply, minimal lines like the Glass House is an exception. Stuff like this is the rule.

  11. Greenwich Gal

    I think it might sell if the interior spaces were decorated in an exciting way. This decor does nothing for the house – only emphasizes it’s coldness. There is nothing cozy here. Nor cool and dramatic -which is what many people want from a contemporary.

  12. AJ Nock

    I like the house. But then I’m a Howard Roark type of guy.

  13. Ulrich’s Dana House, despite the somewhat hulking exterior, has some really nice interior spaces. sadly, i could not summon up the required disdainful air required for a successful New Canaan existence

  14. AJ

    Tough sell? Only because it’s lacking a pay phone attached to the outside wall.

    You sure that being priced at first $18 million and now $11.9 million, being way up in the back country, and not being on a particularly large piece of land for the price and location has nothing to do with it?

  15. Brad Benedict

    I really like what you report Tom Gorin has said… I think that is right on.