I blame global warming

The "Hockey stick hoax"

The “Hockey stick hoax”

Anti-vax crowd represents a breakdown of the faith in science.

That’s the most tragic and terrifying thing about the anti-vaxxer movement: These parents trust their guts more than scientific studies, and that’s mostly because of fear and distrust. If science can’t win here, where the evidence is strong and clear, where will it win? And what does that say about people’s confidence in facts?

I trust in the efficacy of (childhood – not the flu) vaccines, and if my own children were still of age to receive them, I’d do it again. But two decades of lies about global warming, all based on “settled science”, all subsequently debunked as lies, distortions and part of a political agenda, have done more to destroy the public’s trust in the objectivity of scientists than anything else I can imagine.



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  1. AJ

    The excerpt from the article about how the government has paid out $3 billion to victims of “harmless” vaccines that I just posted seems to have disappeared.

    But here’s an article about how the measles vaccine actually spreads the disease.

    Health officials are blaming unvaccinated children for the recent measles outbreak that started at Disneyland. Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Furthermore, vaccine recipients can carry diseases in the back of their throat and infect others while displaying no symptoms of a disease.11,12,13 “Numerous scientific studies indicate that children who receive a live virus vaccination can shed the disease and infect others for weeks or even months afterwards. Thus, parents who vaccinate their children can indeed put others at risk,” explains Leslie Manookian, documentary filmmaker and activist. Manookian’s award winning documentary, The Greater Good, aims to open a dialog about vaccine safety. Both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals are at risk from exposure to those recently vaccinated. Vaccine failure is widespread . . .


    • Patience, damn it, AJ, patience! You add links, the WordPress spam filter (sometimes) flags it, and it takes a while for me to get back to the blog to retrieve the comment.

  2. AJ

    Your linked to BI article suggests that those parents who refuse to have their children receive the measles vaccine should be barred from school. Any parent with half a brain should bar their own child from school both voluntarily and permanently:

    WTF? Teacher Arrested for Attacking First Grader for Eating Too Much at Lunch: “He Only Needed One Taco”


  3. AJ

    Another reason for home schooling regardless of whether or not you believe in force inoculations.

    Violent Cop Arrested After Handcuffing And Choking Child, Causing Brain Damage
    Punched another child in the face for cutting in lunch line


  4. Anonymous

    Many in the anti-vax crowd base their stance on today’s vaccines not being their parents’ vaccines which does require some concern.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m sure the millions of folks streaming across the southern border with untold unchecked diseases, certainly TB and weird influenzas, have nothing to do with it….

  6. Yes, some vaccines have live virus and thus can be shed by the recipient….but the live virus particles are ATTENUATED (altered to not be virulent) and not the whole virulent particle!!!! In theory, those vaccinated can actually shed the same attenuated virus to others, thus actually helping them by “vaccinating” them too!! This is the idea behind the live Polio virus given by mouth. However, it can be dangerous for the immunocompromised to be exposed to those shedding any kind of virus……live/attenuated or whole. The concept of “herd immunity” is extremely important in protecting the whole population of people, by keeping most people immune to a disease such that it cannot easily spread around (by virtue of finding those not immune to infect). There are always reservoirs of virus around, but usually fairly well isolated, if a given population is mostly immune or vaccinated.

  7. And only a few immunizations use live virus…..most vaccinations are made with only bits or pieces of the virus (in order to encourage the body to make some antibodies against an important piece of the virus that may control the infection or entry of the virus into the cells)….such that it is not a living thing or capable of causing the full infection/inflammation.