One last post on my mother, Leatrice Gilbert Fountain

My nephew on the left cost, David Prior, weighs in:

I still haven’t figured out what to say about my beloved Grandmother Leatrice who died two weeks ago, and it may take the rest of my life, but she was the gravitational center of my childhood. My fondest memories are of the times spent with her in Greenwich, of summer lightning storms on Gilliam Lane, of watching the Sound swell and ebb behind the house on William Street, the way she inhabited the Platonic essence of grace and goodwill. She was the curator of my sense of what is fine and beautiful and worthy, and now, in light of all the plans unfulfilled and visits unmade, she is the custodian of my regret. She was a rare creature, unsnobbish as a happy child, princess, butterfly, Japanese lantern. Her book about her father, the silent film star John Gilbert, is perhaps the greatest gift a daughter could give. Somewhere now, I hope, he is thanking her for it and smothering her with kisses. I love you Gram. You mean more to me than you knew.
David Prior's photo.
David Prior's photo.
David Prior's photo.
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11 responses to “One last post on my mother, Leatrice Gilbert Fountain

  1. Mark B.

    Last post?
    Brother, if you have any more like this in the future, please post all you want. What a great read, a moving tribute.
    What I would give to be remembered this way.

  2. Artie

    Wonderful. Your family is something else! (In a good way)

  3. Toonces

    Wow, another beautiful writer in the family. I love the picture where she is getting on the horse – a metaphor perhaps.

    • David’s a very successful screen-writer movie-maker, and thus continuing my mother’s side of the family. As for Ma on the horse, hey – it’s what Beverly Hills kids did in 1932.

  4. Christina

    Very sweet 🙂

  5. AJ

    From the era; one of my favorites:

  6. guest

    This is really beautiful and moving.

  7. it is a tribute to your grandmother that, either because or in spite of enduring the crucible of life in Hollywood, she was true to herself and to those around her.

  8. Anonymous

    Keep stories about your mom coming. Maybe, one of you can write her biography. It may be more interesting than her father’s

  9. Peg

    What a treasure to have had Leatrice Gilbert Fountain as your mom! Even her name bespeaks beauty and elegance.

    And – put my vote down for more posts, too. Never tire hearing about this lovely lady.