So far, I’m disappointed in the inventory coming on

Very, very little of interest, either to write about or, better, to show my clients. I’m hopeful that it’s the snow that’s delaying things, rather than people deciding to stay put, for now.


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7 responses to “So far, I’m disappointed in the inventory coming on

  1. Cos Cobber

    I thought we were poised to be a tad overstocked on spec house….but that doesn’t really seem to be the case.

  2. Money

    Did you walk through 66 North Ridge?

  3. johnnybowhunter

    Flight to Fairfield County?
    With NYC Millennials reaching home ownership stage, Connecticut could benefit

  4. Anonymous

    What’s the issue? Pricing or lack of architectural merit.

  5. Peg

    Christopher, just show them something a bit west of you…….

  6. Anonymous

    The Masters of the Universe are either having trouble selling their $20 million Manhattan condos, or are moving to Brooklyn instead of Greenwich. With New York’s new Assembly Speaker coming from the Bronx, maybe we’ll hear the Bronx is booming instead of burning. Maybe not a bad real estate play.