Contract reported

10 Newton Street

10 Newton Street

Before I dash out again, there’s this: 10 Newton Street (Glen Avon, really) in Riverside, asking $2.450 million, has a deal.  This started off at $2.895 back in 2013, and was a slow sale. I like the house, and the owners paid $2.590 for it in 2007, but the hurricanes hurt low-lying waterfront property values, and this one was a casualty.


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4 responses to “Contract reported

  1. Anonymous

    They can always raise it by 17 ft.

  2. Anonymous

    even if you have to raise the house (figure on 200k for that) you’re still in for 3 to 4 hundred less then 18 Tower road. Seems like better value here.

  3. I disagree. Newton has Cos Cob Harbor, but it also has the train overhead, and the house itself isn’t nearly the quality of Tower. Not a bad deal at all, mind you, but the two houses have different values.

  4. Anonymous

    good to know, thanks. I always thought the Glen Avon area was considered blue chip. Didn’t know the RR was a factor for them.