Cos Cob price cut

12 Horseshoe Road

12 Horseshoe Road

12 Horseshoe Road, a contemporary originally priced at $1.8 million this past September, has been dropped to $1.695 today. It’s odd how these things work. Back in 2005, the house came on for $1.749 million, and had a buyer willing to pay $1.745 just three weeks later. In 2009, that buyer tried to resell it for $1.995 but finally moved it, 400 days later, for $1.275, to the current owner. I think this time, the seller has tried to find a buyer with the enthusiasm of that 2005 owner and priced it at $1.8, but despite painting the rooms in dramatic colors, there’s nothing that’s been essentially changed since she bought it herself for $1.275. The “right” buyer may come along, eventually, but if I were advising her, and she wanted to move on (and out) of this house, I’d suggest dropping the price closer to her break-even point.

I  personally like this house. It’s in a great setting, and, as a single guy, it has far more space than I need and no yard to maintain – perfect. I am not the typical Greenwich buyer, however, and if it’s to appeal to a larger market spectrum than sophisticated New York couples looking for a weekend spot, the only thing that’s possible to change is the price, so I’d do it.


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7 responses to “Cos Cob price cut

  1. Anonymous

    cool pad. lots of light.

  2. sam

    Beautiful house. Long, long drive to get to. I looked at a beauty on that street four years back. Couldn’t handle the distance. Somebody then wrote himself off in the garage, I hear.

  3. tom

    Nice house but way overpriced. Agree should sell close to what they bought it for.

  4. Toonces

    A very good looking contemporary that doesn’t seem dated. Not many of those around.
    I think the seller will find a buyer now

  5. Anonymous

    Glad you like the house. My parents built it in 68 (although it burned down in 85 and was completely rebuilt). It was a great place to grow up, although having mowed the lawn as a kid I would respectfully disagree with your “no yard work” comment!

  6. This is really a nice house, seen it a couple of times, but really the price is too high…