Riverside contract

145 Riverside Avenue

145 Riverside Avenue

145 Riverside Avenue, $1.495 million, nine days. From the too much information department, back in 1968 when we were both 14, I dated a girl who lived on Lincoln Avenue, in Old Greenwich. Her father hated me, with good reason, but that summer he moved the family, including his daughter, here, just one block from my house on Gilliam Lane. I couldn’t believe my good luck.

There’s a great apartment above the garage with a separate entrance, if you appreciate that sort of thing.


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22 responses to “Riverside contract

  1. It Depends

    Nice work Chris!

    What’s 38 Bramble gonna close for?
    On the market now 270 days
    (According to my Zillow app for IPad)

    • Anonymous

      If you are going to Zillow for accuracy in RE, I’d be happy to show you a nice bridge. It’s for sale. Cheap!

      • It Depends

        The accuracy of the listing price is usually identical to the MLS.
        The home size and lot size have some margin of error.
        If I’m inside a house and the it’s Size is in question, I have a tape measure. 🙂
        Furthermore, I am not in the market for a home at the present time, as I bought about a house two years ago here in Riverside, and I must say I’m enjoying what im seeing since.

        If your bridge pays me two and twenty we can discuss further, if not, take a leap.

    • Old Greenwich Golfer

      Even 3.0m.

  2. anonymous

    14? Fingers crossed at 14 you were not seasoned at necking, petting, and unhooking bras with one hand.

  3. GreenITCH

    Riverside Ave – 9 DOM , Lockwood a week ? CF are buyers waiving many contingencies as well ? I mean this is getting circa 2005- 2006 where when you walk in a house u have to be ready to make an offer and an aggressive one at that …

    • It Depends

      Get the kids in the schools
      Handle the rest later.
      It’s very simply ITCH
      And it’s Riverside/OG

    • I’m concluding a deal with no financing contingency, but we did do a building inspection. Difference is, a building inspection can be completed in days, financing can take weeks. In hot areas of town, the fewer the contingencies the stronger your bid, and can help you overcome bids with more money, but also more contingencies and thus more risk attached.

  4. Accolay

    Just curious, does your mention of the separate entrance have anything to do with your personal anecdote about your girlfriend? If so, way to go bro.

  5. Anonymous

    Frightening. Ominous.

  6. An appreciative smiling soul since the age of 14…you are not alone!

    • Accolay

      Greenwich wasn’t so Leave It to Beaver, I guess, even then. Doubt Wally was sneaking into girl’s rooms. ; )

      • AJ

        ’69 was post sexual revolution; ’66 was pre sexual revolution. In ’66 no one in Greenwich even knew what pot was. ’67 (late ’66, actually) through ’68 were transitional years. By ’69 the Leave it to Beaver world was long dead and had been replaced by the psychedelic paisley world of sock-it-to-me Laugh In.

        • “In ’66 no one in Greenwich even knew what pot was.” They sure did in Riverside.

        • AJ

          Yeah that would be late ’66, or summer of ’66. I graduated from Greenwich High in ’66 and I can assure you that during the school year of ’65-’66 virtually no one was talking about pot or even knew what it was, including myself, and everyone was into drinking beer. Port Chester’s Stumble Inn was the place to be; Armonk if you were only 14 or 15 — the Sloe Gin Fizz. Things changed rapidly after that, but even during my first year of school in one of the most radical schools in NYC, pot was still a pretty rare thing. But back then the weed was all crap, and you were just as likely to get a headache from it as get high. But even the “good stuff” would give you a buzz that only lasted a few hours. That all changed around late 1969 to early 1970 when Chiba Chiba first appeared, a high grade Columbian equivalent to todays best hand picked, select buds weed. And, of course, guys would bring back really good shit while on leave from ‘Nam. Before then it was all Mexican schwag and half seeds — I mean even Thomas Jefferson grew sensimilla, WTF? High grade hash also became more readily available around that time, as well as high grade LSD, that would keep you totally ripped for around six or seven hours, but buzzed for around twenty hours or so. There was also organic mescaline, ground up, powdered peyote, that you could mix with weed and smoke. Whoa.

  7. How about ’63, AJ. At least a segment of particularly enlightened Riverside youths (and their Greenwich counterparts as well) were igniting sticky bud logs by then.