Sales and a contract

34 Hearthstone Drive

34 Hearthstone Drive

34 Hearthstone Drive, one of two homes on land split off a rear lot back in 2000 (? or so) sold for $2.3 million. It sold new in 2003 for $1.650, and $2.050 in 2009. This owner apparently put in a new kitchen, redid baths, and so forth, so this price vs 2009’s doesn’t seem out of line. In fact, I’m not sure the owner broke even on those improvements, after commissions and taxes are figured in.

If I recall, the original lot split was fiercely resisted by the neighbors, with all the claims of water run-off, increased traffic etc. I have no opinion on the validity of those objections, but the sales of these two lots helped ignite the subsequent land rush on Hearthstone, greatly benefiting the wallets, if not the peace-of-mind of those neighbors.

11 Meadowcroft Lane

11 Meadowcroft Lane

11 Meadowcroft Lane,  the smaller (3 acres, no extra lot) sold for $6.750 million. Back in 2012, Ogilvy had it at $8.8 million and it didn’t sell. This time, Bill Andruss of Sotheby’s got it right.

51 Lockwood Avenue

51 Lockwood Avenue

And 51 Lockwood Avenue, Old Greenwich, reports a contract. It was asking $1.395 million, and had a contract in less than a week. That might mean it went above ask – I don’t know.


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16 responses to “Sales and a contract

  1. It Depends

    When was 34 Hearthstone on the market?
    I never saw it..
    2.3m in that neighborhood is a great deal for the buyers.
    Kitchen looks terrific from the photos.
    Rest of the house is clean too. Nice.

    • It came on in September at $2.5, took a price cut to $2.4, and finally went to contract in December. It’s possible you didn’t see it because your search perimeters were set too low. That’s why I found the old, tree-version of our MLS so valuable – the buyer could go to you relevant price range, seething he liked, then flip one more page over and find something interesting. And then you go see it, to find out if, as in this case, the price can be negotiated down to your price limits.

    • Anonymous

      Just needed the 2nd floor layout re-arranged. Tesla set up and 3rd floor glass walled sound proof room…very cool

    • Rick

      Nice house, my recollection was a cramped 1st floor outside of a really nice kitchen.

  2. Anonymous

    Meadowcroft is a good price for the seller considering it needs tons of work. Great bones. Lockwood is a time capsule. Someone’s going to put $500k in it to make it livable and will have to pray they get it back. Hearthstone is emblematic of Riverside: complete banality except for the price, which is shocking.

  3. RaisedInRiverside

    Meadowcroft is gorgeous. Lockwood, eh – price makes sense for the location. But hearthstone? Ugh – another example of the New Jerseyfication of Riverside.

  4. Lockwood makes last weeks Linwood sale look like a bargain! Yesterday’s poster that said spring market would be up 10% , spot on.

  5. Accolay

    Did the extra lot on Meadowcroft sell?