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The creeping nanny state

Seen on a Coke machine, entrance to Mass Pike service center, 2/13/2015

Everywhere you go ... we'll be watching you

Everywhere you go …
we’ll be watching you


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Wowzer, who’d have ever expected this?

Byram POOP - has the cost gone up because they've moved it to the Swiss Alps?

Byram POOP – has the cost gone up because they’ve moved it to the Swiss Alps?

Estimated cost of the Byram POOl Project has now increased from $7.5 million to $11.4 million, and that’s before the sand shovels have even been unwrapped. Tesei, of course, the First Selectman of this fiscally-conservative town (insert laugh track here) stands firmly behind the project, still. “None of our municipal projects end up costing anywhere close to what we tell voters they will”, he told FWIW, “not Hamilton Avenue School, not the Music Palace, Police Headquarters, and you can bet your ass, not the Fire House. The point is to get the project approved, then spend, baby spend! Heeehaw!!”


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