The creeping nanny state

Seen on a Coke machine, entrance to Mass Pike service center, 2/13/2015

Everywhere you go ... we'll be watching you

Everywhere you go …
we’ll be watching you


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10 responses to “The creeping nanny state

  1. I'm a Pepper

    and you should be too.

  2. Peg

    No egg warnings? 😉

  3. Al Dente

    The world has gone crazy. You can buy pussy in a vending machine:

  4. Mark B.

    And I love the Coke machine sticker warning us as well not to tip it over on ourselves.

  5. Stanwich

    I see, so in Obama’s America sugar is evil but marijuana should be legalized.

  6. Anonymous

    CF, , Cobra, et. al.
    O/T, but the ObamaNazi assholes at BATFE want to make illegal the M855 (SS109) variety of 5.56.

    Click to access atf_framework_for_determining_whether_certain_projectiles_are_primarily_intended_for_sporting_purposes.pdf

    Act accordingly, and fuck those ATF assholes and that g*dd*mn Commie Muslim POS.

  7. fyi: big blizzard to hit Maine on Sunday