Wowzer, who’d have ever expected this?

Byram POOP - has the cost gone up because they've moved it to the Swiss Alps?

Byram POOP – has the cost gone up because they’ve moved it to the Swiss Alps?

Estimated cost of the Byram POOl Project has now increased from $7.5 million to $11.4 million, and that’s before the sand shovels have even been unwrapped. Tesei, of course, the First Selectman of this fiscally-conservative town (insert laugh track here) stands firmly behind the project, still. “None of our municipal projects end up costing anywhere close to what we tell voters they will”, he told FWIW, “not Hamilton Avenue School, not the Music Palace, Police Headquarters, and you can bet your ass, not the Fire House. The point is to get the project approved, then spend, baby spend! Heeehaw!!”


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  1. Greenwich Taxpayer

    The sad part is that the BET, RTM and Tesei won’t vote this ridiculous project down. The Junior League started by saying it would pay for the project. Now it is only donating $250 K and some donations from some other dopes. All in the name of teaching Port Chester residents how to swim. Fix the Eastern Civic center or Bonney Park Town leaders. This is another MISA and should not be tolerated. But our gutless leadership will let it be built.

    • Bill

      For once, Tesei is right when he says projects never end up costing taxpayers what we say they will. They end up costing far in excess. Allow me to use MISA as a prime example. Tesei has excelled in wasting taxpayer money for years.

  2. Did you notice the cost of the pool construction is 150k…..

  3. anonymous

    Let me help you out here.

  4. Cos Cobber

    The budget is a joke, pool 150k? 10m+ in other costs?

    And the design, what the hell location have they selected per that drawing? Looks like an outrageous
    enrichment project for the local excavation contractors.

    What’s the operating budget and revenue plan?

  5. Cos Cobber

    Two other comments, that pool looks a bit small for all the effort and $$$. And look carefully at the new buildings – same crap architecture used for the bathrooms at the new cos cob power plant park set to open this spring. For near zero extra cost, we could be building something modest – but reflective of the New England coastal. Make it gray, handiplank clapboard, steepen the roof- done

  6. Mickster

    “We’re still at the design phase – that won’t be complete until June” – are you fing kidding me!! It’s going to take another 6 months to design a pool with some dressing rooms!! Guaranteed the design us going to cost more than the pool!!
    Pool -$150k – extras – $10m
    Meanwhile we have buildings falling down from lack of maintenance.This Town government is a joke.

  7. Anonymous

    Our incompitent town hall at work! Speak up Greenwich! What a boondoggle! The High School is peanuts compared to this. Especially after the EPA gets involved.
    Notice the silence from the
    “Grand Ladies” of the Junior League.
    I’m disgusted.

  8. Anonymous

    On a note of related incompetence does anybody know why there has been zero progress at the firehouse site for nearly 2 years?

    • pulled up in OG

      Yeah. It’s the best way to keep it under budget.

      “There have been cases in which an estimate was set and the project came in for less once the bidding was done, [Monelli] said, pointing to the ongoing Central Fire Station construction as an example.”

    • GPD Folk

      I work right next to the new…they’re working on the site everyday……..

  9. Anonymous

    Years ago I did a friend a favor and attended a town budget proposal presentation sponsored by the League of Women Voters. It soon became clear to me that the elephant in the room which was being totally ignored by the relatively small group present was the fact that (and this was years ago!) that more than 50% of the town budget was spent on employee wages and benefits. I couldn’t take it any longer and actually asked why this was so (to appreciative applause). The speaker acknowledged that Greenwich was “richly staffed” and that would continue to be the case until the taxpayers marched in protest on Town Hall pitchforks in hand. Seeing as the many immensely wealthy town residents may not be particularly perturbed by the annual small increases in property taxes (presumably a drop in the bucket to them) this will unfortunately continue. Such a shocking lack of leadership is dismaying to most of us. Pitchforks, anyone? Greenwich Oldtimer

  10. Anonsky

    I hope they load up on insurance. The plaintiff’s attorneys are brushing up on their espangol. I can only imagine the millions in payoffs the illegal immigrants will receive for the slip n trip suits. This is yet another do gooders debacle, a beacon for illegals flooding into Byram. As if all of the free schooling and charity event weren’t enough. Now the Che Guevara Memorial Pool will provide many with untold riches. I can’t imagine any actual tax paying American legit American citizens will step foot into that pool after the first day.

  11. Anonymous

    If we were talking about building a pool at Tod’s everyone would be thrilled, no matter the cost. Because the nouveau-semi-riche are just MORE DESERVING than middle and lower middle class hispanics, black people, and middle-class white multigenerational town residents, dammit! They didn’t work their way OUT of Queens to have to swim in a public pool with the type of people they promised themselves they’d never have to interact with again (except behind the counter at Aux Delices Riverside).

    • Anonymous

      No I’d be even more pissed if this was happening at Tod’s because the riche can afford their own damned pools.

    • TheBox in 'Byram'

      Oh please, I would be opposed to this even if it were on Tod’s. You can try and make this about race and class and “THE CHILDREN!” but the real issue here is trying to restrain spending. We’ve had two massive boondoggles recently (MISA and the Fire Station) and some emergency spending because critical infrastructure like Grass Island is being neglected – we don’t need what will clearly be a third cluster f**** further draining the coffers (Malloy and his “regionalism” committee are already waiting in the wings to do that for us). Chris was on the forefront of pointing out there is no way this will cost what the JL said it would nor will they ever raise nearly as much money to off-set those costs as they promised. This shows he was right on both counts.

      We need to kill this thing and kill it fast. If you want to live in a place that throws money at white elephants “for the people,” then I suggest moving to Stamford – I hear they want a Police Palace of their own now and sure could use a few more serfs to be taxed.

      • TheBox in 'Byram'

        Opposed even…

      • Wake up greenwich !

        Instead of the pool, make a donation to Don Bosco’s soup kitchen that feeds 300 children per week in the portchester / byram area !!

      • Anonymous

        Look at the comments here. Maybe most actual citizens oppose on the basis of “fiscal conservatism,” but most of the commentary here is about how it’s in “BYRAM, EW! They don’t even know how to swim!”

        Greenwich is known for supposedly having good amenities–we have a world-class library that enables dozens of creepy old guys to look at porn, for example. Low taxes are great but the reality is they drive home prices up, too, so for the average person the “savings” is insubstantial–unless you’ve been in your home for at least a decade, which increasingly few people are.

        • Anonymous

          Its so cheap and easy to make it about race. How utterly uncreative on your part. There are real substantive issues to be discussed and to cheapen it with “red meat” terms such as “guys looking at porn” and race baiting aspersions does not serve the community well. Greenwich is the most philanthropic, generous community for ALL sections of the community. Take a look at the relatively new expanded Byram Library or the generous gift from the Dalio’s….just but a couple examples.

        • Anonymous

          “All in the name of teaching Port Chester residents how to swim.”

          “The plaintiff’s attorneys are brushing up on their espangol. I can only imagine the millions in payoffs the illegal immigrants will receive for the slip n trip suits. This is yet another do gooders debacle, a beacon for illegals flooding into Byram.”

        • Anonymous

          Not about race–its about class. Many Greenwich residents are one generation removed from the outer boroughs. They’re terrified of living somewhere like Byram again, resentful of people who do, and deeply insecure in a way that the truly rich are not. It’s not like the rest of Greenwich is filled with landed gentry like it may once have been. It’s a bunch of people from working class backgrounds of mixed ethnicity who got lucky, made some money, and want to live in a town with a name that will impress.

      • FF

        Wait a minute, you complain about the fact that successive Republican administrations blew budgets on everything, MISA, pool, schools, sewer projects, then dropped into Malloy, why because it feels good?. I ran for First Selectman complaining about the cost of the police palace and was roundly chastised for being so “mean” to Greenwich. Then its finished and Republicans complain so desperately about the cost, then somewhat satisfy themselves that “at least it wasn’t the Democrats, it would be worse”. With no evidence. Yet I (and many other Democrats) were on record as opposing such unrestrained and unchecked spending encouraged by your BET and First Selectman. So it would seem to me that your problem is within your own team, so what are you going to do about it? Remove Tesei? Probably not. Remove Al Monelli, not likely, he has union protections. Change the BET? Can’t see that happening.The fact is that you continue to rant on but never get up and do anything about it. You continue to support the same people who do the same things over and over again then complain about the Democrats because it feels better than actually accomplishing anything. You have only your own party to blame and if you don’t get up and vote, change the RTC, strike out at referendum, vote in new people we’ll just having this conversation all over again. Just do something already, stop complaining

  12. Chimney

    Did you see in the Greenwich Rag article that Al Monelli stated that “this is only an estimate and I’m sure the numbers are going to change”? Gee, I wonder which way? Mark my words, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  13. Anonymous

    Chris, your main theme of Tesei’s lack of FISCAL LEADERSHIP is right on target. Its shameful that he put this HALF BAKED, largesse of a project in his budget only for the BET to be the ones to say no. Where was his leadership? This project isn’t even close to being ready for an authorization of $11.5 million. Why is this burden put on the BET in the first place?

    Same as the Fire Station—rather than Tesei roll up his sleeves and see what we can do about reworking the location of the fire stations for SAFETY (close some, open others) he just throws it in the budget HALF BAKED for the BET to make the tough analysis and decision.

    Or, how about the half baked New Lebanon School. We have schools that are not full—and yet Tesei puts in the capital budget a $34 million school that ASSUMES half of the Eastern side of Town parents are going to bus their children to the West side.

    Oh, and he exceeds all his unanimously approved Republican approved BET Guidelines (operating and capital spending FAR exceed the BET’s Guidelines) with some financial engineering that keeps the mill rate below 3%.

    Its time for new fresh, fiscal leadership.

  14. Anonymous

    Have you noticed that Junior League members have been peeling the stickers off their cars that once backed this project? Perhaps that is a harbinger.

    • anonymous

      I might be appropriate for Greenwich Gal to educate us, or share her two cents. She said she’s a JL member. It would be helpful to hear the justification from the point of view of those whose idea this was.

  15. Greenwich Gal

    Here I am. Still a member of the Junior League and still a supporter of a public pool facility in Greenwich. However, the cost seems excessive and I am wondering what is going on with the numbers. Personally, I can’t justify that type of expense on a pool. But I have not really investigated what is going on. It’s hard to fathom – but Greenwich needs so much. The Eastern Civic Center is in shambles. Pomerance/Montgomery Pinetum is a desperate situation and a lesson in neglect. It is my personal opinion, as I have said many times, that Greenwich is fiscally mismanaged. There is much talent here – but it seems as if it is not being utilized in the right way. Perhaps it is the hostage situation we have with pensions, unions, etc.

    • anonymous

      How does it work if JL members like yourself have doubts now about the pool costs? Does it have to go to a committee vote if many of you feel the leagues money could be spent in other ways in town?

      • Greenwich Gal

        Anon – I am just a member and I do not head that committee. I’m sure if I wanted to be active with it, they would welcome me. But that is not how I have spent my time the last few years, honestly. Members take charge in certain areas and hone their expertise. I honestly don’t know what is going on with the pool project. It has been many years in the making.
        BUT – one would think that a community as affluent as Greenwich would have a nice public pool and that it would cost way less than 12 million bucks.

    • Walt

      GG –

      My Dear!! This is simply the perfect example of the tail wagging the dog.

      The government no longer works for us, WE WORK FOR THEM!! Who is this Tesio, and why is he pissing away MY money? I thought he got offed in Godfather Part 1. If he has any balls, he will post a response on this very blog. I LONG SUSPECTED HE WAS THE READER!!

      And I agree. Greenwich does have serious infrastructure issues. The problem is, the bureaucratic morons running the show don’t know how to plan, prioritize, and control spending. AND THEY DO SUCK UP TO THE UNIONS!!

      We need to start holding our politicians accountable. We need term limits at every level of government. We need ALL elected officials to abide by a rigid code of ethics. We need fiscal responsibility. We need citizen involvement. We need a shelter for wayward female nymphomaniacs in downtown Greenwich, where I will volunteer countless hours of my time, just to show that I am sincere about this.

      And why is it the Junior League? We need MAJOR LEAGUERS TO DEAL WITH THIS NONSENSE. IT NEEDS TO STOP!!

      Post a reply, Tesio. You spineless little weasel. PEOPLE ARE GETTING FED UP!!
      Your Pal,

    • FF

      I understand $400,000 was spent to come up with the cost guess. where did that money go, and was it put up for bid?

      • What I’d like to see is a budget projection for staffing and maintaining this project going forward. No one seems to be addressing that, doubtless for good reason. Perhaps you can ask Drew Marzullo to look into it.

  16. It Depends

    This makes me sick.
    Peter Tesei and Co.- You disappoint me.

  17. Anonymous

    Greenwich gal gets it! after the “hostage situation” there is not enough to go around. AND anyone who says our community and facilities are good needs to get out more and organizations like the JL are cleaning up the towns mess and a byproduct is enabling it. There are other wealthy communities that offer way more in terms of sports and do not let buildings go to shambles the eastern civic center, dorothy hamill rink, schools etc. Also, the price to build such items is soooo padded all over the place – reason I know that – other less affluent towns across America can afford to build, repair and invest!

  18. xyzzy

    I don’t understand the need for a pool when when the town is on the water.

    Seems like a massive waste of money for something that is a matter of taste rather than necessity. If you need to cool off go to the beach and swim.

    • Anonymous

      Swimming in western LIS is guaranteed to result in genetic mutations.

      • It Depends

        Any reported mutations/growth from below the belt?
        That be worth every penny of 11.4 Million.
        Imagine what you could charge for parking!!!

    • Anonymous

      When its actually open and not crawling with garbage, bacteria, jellyfish or sea lice. The water at our beaches is disgusting more then 50% of the time.

  19. Slim Pickens

    you think that’s bad? Town of Wilton approved a 50,000,000.00 bond for a Pre-K school renovation (not new school). No wonder no houses are selling in Wilton.

    • It Depends

      Houses don’t sell in Wilton BC no one wants to live there.

      • Slim Pickens

        very true….a million dollar home is paying more taxes than a 2.5 million home in Greenwich

        • It Depends

          You got it!
          More fun to pay down the mortgage then to give your extra loot to the town.
          I know I mentioned this previously, but a friend of mine bought a home down the road in a Westchester town…
          He paid a similar purchase price to what I paid.
          We both closed within weeks of each other,
          His quarterly property taxes are double my annual.


    • My son played basketball on Wilton last week- their facilities make our look like rural Arkansas

      • Slim Pickens

        I hope he did not come down with mold sickness because it’s going to take $50,000,000.00 to fix the mold in Wilton schools!

  20. pulled up in OG

    Needs a zip line from the top of the cliff.

  21. anon2

    Does the pool really sit right next to that cliff where falling rock could easily do someone in? I’ve seen some cliff sides along I-287 that are all fish netted.

  22. Anonymous

    Stop your complaining! Once built I guarantee you and Walt will be the first two diving in. Greenwich can easily afford a pool. Greenwich can easily afford a civic center. The real problem here is the absolute destruction of our infrastructure. No one has minded the shop. For years routine maintenance has been left to crumble. Yes Tesie shows no leadership. Yes he flip flops on just about everything. Yes he puts capital projects in his budget and advocates for more firemen knowing real well the BET will “kill ” it. If Tesei actually got Mason to agree on any of proposals then that would be a sign of strength. Mason holds the power and Tesei knows it. Tesei must be getting tired of having to ask for permission for just about anything. Jim Lash would not stand for this.

  23. Anonymous

    It really is amazing that Tesei is never able to convince at least one Republican on the BET to vote in favor of his initiative. Not even the 2 old women. He really has no power. In his 10 years as FS he never was able to garner support from his Republican colleagues. Not one of them dares to cross the all powerful Mike Mason. The 6 of them vote in a block. They travel together like deer. They sit in awe while Mike Mason rambles on like a demented 90 year old. And speaking of 90 when is that Tarkington chick gonna finally retire. It would be nice to see her once actually oppose Mason ( especially since she was tossed aside for budget chair. ) And speaking of budget chair this Mark Johnson guy… Talk about someone who is way out of his league. The guy knows nothing.

    • SpendersTheyAre!

      They approve everything. Do you remember the additional 9MM they needed for MISA. Can you please provide examples. There isn’t one shred of difference in the 12 members of the BET, they all vote to spend

  24. Anonymous

    Its never enough for some folks. This Town spends YEARLY a half a BILLION dollars on 60,000 people….and yet its still so very miserly, so austere. Ah, you poor, poor folks in Greenwich.

  25. Anonymous

    I am trying to follow Marzullo logic who says that money spent for soil contamination cleanup isn’t part of the cost of a capital project??:

    i guess when he writes his check to the tax collector he writes separate checks for each type of expenditure the town incurs???

    • Anonymous

      Toxic dirt is throughout town…. Spread all over. Capital projects that require cleanup will be charged to such. Yes it is taxpayers money and yes it is a result of finding such because of the “capital project ” but one would think town officials would try and indentify areas with potential risk. If areas are known or suspected to contain toxic soil why would the town test then. Once the town test and once soil is found to be toxic then the town must clean it up. Marzullo is correct when he talks about the towns current policy. It has cost millions.

    • Anonymous

      Toxic soil remedeation is itself a capital project expense. Remediation of dirt is going to happen again again. Every capital project will probably require a million or two extra dollars for cleanup. However I agree with Marzullo that toxic soil costs are seperate than the actual project. Of course it comes from tax payer money but soil spread throughout town that is full of toxins should be delt with separately. The current logic of being forced to clean up messes because of the towns failure to act and failure to produce a well thoughout responsible plan is costing millions.

    • RTM member

      So what does the town do when Site C for New Leb soil test come back positive. Test already show toxins. And site B according to many familiar with that area when tested will show arsenic. The town will now have to act. The town will now have to spend money on remediation. Does that mean New Leb will get delayed because of positive tests? This is a town wide problem. Contaminated soil is a cspital project in itself. New Leb should not be put on hold, delayed or blocked because of bad decisions, past practice and failure to address infadtructure and poison soil.

      • BET member

        The BOE should have never suggested site B or C in the first place. Both sites are problematic and will test positive for toxins. Site B with arsenic and site C with pesticides of some sort. Site C will also be fought by Wetlands and neighbors have already begun a campaign to block site because of the massive amount of trees that need to be cut down. The only viable realistic cost efficient site is the one New Leb is already on. Yes the children will have to live in trailers for 2 years but that’s OK. The kids will be fine. This entire mess was brought on the BOE. A chair that is incompetent and the rest full of PTA moms. And spineless Bernstein PTA dad who reports directly to RTC.
        Byram needs a school. Byram needs s pool. The BET needs to figure out how to finance it and stop wasting time pretending to be fire chief police chief first selectman and IT specialist. I challenge anyone to have a conversation with BET chair Mason. The man never stops talking and is dangerously incompetent. I for one hope he runs for FS so he finally can be judged at the polls and not just selected by 20 people. If he doesn’t run for FS and the RTC once again puts this guy up he should be removed as chair but that of course will only happen if the othe R’s on the BET wake up and do what the majority of citizens want.

    • Voter

      Ongoing soil remmedeation and capital projects involving buildings are two seperate projects. Both require capital project financing but the financing can be financed in different ways. MISA, Byram pool and New Leb. have escalated price tags because of toxic dirt. Seperate the two. If you don’t it allows people like Mason to vote against projects with the excuse of “the town can’t afford it because of remediation.” Mason tried this with MISA but didn’t have the balls to vote against it ( local election year .) He kicked it to the RTM just like Tesei kicked it to the BET. Mason should once again punt the pool project to the RTM and have the legislative body take a position on ongoing soil remediation. Other than Marzullo where have all the other DEMS been hiding? We once in a while here from Sean Goldrick but no one else.

  26. Anonymous

    Sounds like they brought in the pool team from the YMCA, but with no bank that screwed up as a backstop.

    • Yes, but look at where the Y is financially now. And go there any day of the week and it is packed with people of all ages and phenomenal competitive teams. AND is has a pool that everyone can use, rendering a new one pointless.

      • Anonymous

        Where is the Y financially now? There were operating losses approaching or over $2 M in every recent year before 2013. For 2013 only, contributions shot-up from about $1million to over $6.5 million, creating a $3.5 million excess of revenue over expenses.. Was that a one-time windfall off or will break-even or better results continue to be shown in 2014 and into the future?

      • Anonymous

        The few times my teen and friends went, it was $10 each to swim in the ONE lane open on a weekend for free swim with her friends. We looked into a student membership for almost $600 so they get one or two lanes that are too crowded to swim in is ridiculous.
        There are a lot of families who can’t afford those prices. When my friends from other states hear the prices for our Y, they just laugh. MOst private pool clubs in other areas are cheaper and less crowded.

      • GreenITCH

        financially sound or not the YMCA is a shit hole and even given the nice pool there is no observation deck for viewing swimming events … mix in local area gyms dropping prices and the recent addition of competition from either Chelsea Piers or Lifetime fitness and this place should be shuttered …..I wouldn’t go here to swim or work out if it were FREE

  27. Once

    Byram is getting too expensive. It was once the Italians in Cos Cob the bitched about Riverside to get what they want. Now the libs are tripping over themselves to shower Byram residents with money. It’s funny how Byram now gets all this attention now that it’s full of foreigners. The Town never favored Byram when it had actual Americans living there. Let’s force independence on to Byram so their own tax payers can foot the bill so Pt Chester kids have a place to swim and they will be swimming there. Wasn’t the surrender of island beach enough? WASP are funny people. There are the only group that puts their own at a disadvantage and sows the seeds for the failure of their children. The Hispanyolics will be more than happy to lap up whatever we give them and a generation from now when they’ve displaced the Italians at town hall and the wasps on the RTM they will take whatever they want.

  28. Pure Fluff

    “The Town never favored Byram when it had actual Americans living there. Let’s force independence on to Byram so their own tax payers can foot the bill so Pt Chester kids have a place to swim and they will be swimming there.”

    Yep, you nailed it. Byram is just East Portchester and most of it should be dumped back onto to NY. That would remove the New Lebanon and Byram Pool fiascos in one clean act.

    • Thanks but no thanks. We don’t want Byram. We already have Elmsford and Port Chester. We might take Byram off your hands in exchange for Cos Cob though.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Fluff & Once: FY, you snot-nosed nouveau pricks. I have a place in Byram and love it here. And I happen to know a few folks with 9+ figure net worth who have places here too (and have been here for years). This is a wonderful part of town with a lot of hard working people in many industries/trades, as well as the quietly affluent. It’s also transitioning to more owner-occupied single family properties by those priced out of other parts of Greenwich, and in so doing, really spruce up the homes. That, in addition to Byram being the go-to place for renters who’ve recently been divorced and have to move outta their nouveau mansions. Be careful, that might be you or your spouse one day. With your disgusting attitude, I wouldn’t be surprised if karma comes knocking, so you might want to check the mirror asap. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to love walking to Citarella or Kneaded Bread by yourself on a weekend morning and find yourself singing a different tune.

      • I’ve been embarrassed by some of the comments here, but left them up anyway, so that the bigotry and stupidity of (a few, I hope) FWIW readers is exposed. The majority here opposes the pool project because of its cost, and the cost going forward. It’s not about animus towards Byram – hell, we’d be against it even if it were being proposed for Cos Cob!

        • Anonymous

          Your bro once brought me a tenant for a rental that I own. So Byram must be ok by the Fountain clan. Fanciest Chicken Joe’s in town too.

      • It Depends

        The 9 figure net worths reside along byram shore trust fund road.

        • Anonymous

          They also own or rent all around Byram in general. Discretion, always. In other words, the guy showing up next door in a nondescript SUV or Jeep sporting jeans and a sweatshirt might be a guy who also shows up on certain Forbes lists.

      • Pure Fluff

        Give it a rest bro! I also lived in Bryam and saw the dynamics first hand. Pull your pseudo outraged head out of your butt. You’re barking up the wrong tree, bud.

  29. Reality check

    I can’t believe we are really having this debate. Greenwich can’t afford a pool.. Come on! The pool in its current form is embarrassing at best. The Junior League should be thanked up and down for at least trying to raise money. The fact that dirty soil has been identified especially knowing full well that was going to happen should in no way stop the pool from being built. One has nothing to do with the other and Greenwich needs to begin cleanup throughout town. Yes it’s happening in Byram today but Riverside people wake up dirty soil is coming your way. It’s a problem that criss crosses all of Greenwich. And it’s a problem that all of Greenwich needs to address and yes start paying for. If not today then when because its not going away.

    • Maybe we can afford it, but we don’t need it. Pools at the boys and girls club, the Y and GHS are all accessible and all offer swim lessons. Would it be nice? Sure. But it’s not needed.

    • hmmm

      Do you spend money just because you have it? Is that how you run your household?

  30. Registered Republican

    Selectman Marzullo has asked the BOE to come up with a alternate plan if site C does not work out. He clearly is concerned ( stated in GT ) that soil issues may arise. And if that is in fact the case how much additional monies will be needed to build New Lebanon on what appears to be wetlands. Why did the BOE endorse such site. Or did they endorse? Then of course the ballfield ( site B ) with questions now stirring about arsenic. Soil remediation is a long term project that needs to finally be properly addressed. It needs to be studied and mapped out. Where are problem areas and what if anything can be done. I also like Marzullo’s idea of assigning a grant writer to begin applying and accessing state and federal funding. To think from here on in that everytime Greenwich begins a capital project millions of dollars then must be added because of dirty soil. The BET Chair thinks the current policy is working. Why wouldn’t he support pro actively trying to identify problem areas before the town digs. That’s just common sense. And if he thinks spending 30 million for cleanup is OK then come November I won’t be voting the Republican line.

  31. Anonymous

    I find it fascinating how myopic the conversation is on costs. How many know what it will take to run this pool on a yearly basis for the next 5 years? Has anyone seen one nickel of analysis on costs related to insurance, staffing (no doubt union!), chlorine, etc? In land locked New Canaan they dont have enough residents to cover the maintenance costs—and in the last few years have allowed outside residents in at a premium charge. Where is the analysis of not just the initial construction phase, but the maintenance—and what are the expected fees for residents and non-residents. Its amazing the lack of a business plan is ever presented on these projects. Leadership?

  32. Greenwich Taxpayer

    What people seem to forget here is that when the pool was first proposed by the Junior League it was going to cost $2 million to build and it was going to be paid for entirely by the Junior League (leaving ongoing maintenance and staffing to the people of Greenwich). Now the project has ballooned to $11 million (and rising) with the Junior League paying a “record” (for them) $250,000. I don’t know about the new math curriculum in the Greenwich school system but somehow things are not adding up. With respect to soil remediation, Drew Marzullo’s plan of going out and testing all the soil on public land is a little wacko. The simple fact is if there is not exposure (e.g., the contaminant is under ground and can’t be easily dug up) then there is no risk of harm to people or the environment. If a public building is being proposed for a site then there should be soil and/ or water (if there is water underground) to see if it is contaminated. While clean up would then need to occur the BET and RTM would then have the information necessary (e.g., cost of clean up and cost of the project) to make a determination as to whether the project should go forward or not. As much as people in Town want to, you cannot separate out the cost of the two as the ultimate payor of the tab is the Greenwich taxpayer. To say that they are separate and distinct is ridiculous. Ultimately it could be that the site is cleaned up first and then the project goes forward two or three years later (e.g., after the cleanup) in another budget cycle if it is really needed.

    This pool is not needed for two months of use. Our tax dollars would be better spent on fixing the infrastructure to prevent toxic runoff into the Sound to make our beaches cleaner to swim in. Let’s get our priorities straight.

    • Anonymous

      Marzullo’s plan as I understand it correctly is to publically identify land owned by the town that potentially has a risk of exposure. Its not to go around and start testing all land spots. I agree with him when he says if the town knew that a specific land that is being considered for an expensive capital project might come back positive then why on earth would the town proceed. Once tested then the town is bound to remediate. A plan is needed.