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This would account for the quality of her legal opinions, but I don’t find it reassuring

Good night, Lady ...

Good night, Lady …

Ruth Bader Ginsberg:”I was drunk when I fell asleep at the SOTU”. I thought the story was a parody, but no: true.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she wasn’t ‘100 percent sober’ when she nodded off during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last month.

The 81-year-old Supreme Court Justice blamed her colleague Anthony Kennedy for poorly timed catnap, telling attendees of a Smithsonian Associates event in Washington, D.C. that he brought a ‘very fine California wine’ to dinner that was too good not to indulge in.



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Considering that the last time they attacked him they thought he worked on Starship Enterprise, this isn’t surprising: they’re terrified

"I'm givin' those rotten teachers all we've got, but she canna take it much longer! She's gonna blow! Back to the present!"

“I’m givin’ those rotten teachers all we’ve got, but she canna take it much longer! She’s gonna blow! Back to the present!”

Fresh from chastising a “Mr. Scott” for ruining the state of Wisconsin, the New York Times now blames Scott Walker for reaching back into the past and firing teachers in that state in 2010, the year before he took office.

Conservative power: is there anything it can’t do?


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Yale cancels global warming protest because it’s too cold

Baby it's cold outside! Elis rush back to their dorms.

Baby it’s cold outside! Elis rush back to their dorms.

“Pashmina and silk don’t protect down below zero”, protest leader Sally Strutters told FWIW. “We’ll reconvene after spring break; combine it with an Occupy Wall Street thing, or something.”

When did Yale drop mandatory science classes, and shouldn’t it bring them back?


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