I have my “3.2 % Neanderthal” Tee shirt, but this DNA result could be more useful for the ladies at J House

After the PTA meeting

After the PTA meeting

“Scientists”: women more likely to cheat if they have this specific gene.

It has often been the case that cheating partners who get caught have a long list of excuses to explain away their liaisons.

But now scientists have discovered an ‘infidelity gene’ that could mean cheating women will be able to simply say their genes made them do it.

Females who carry a specific variant of a gene which affects social behaviour and sexual motivation have a greater propensity to take part in ‘extra pair mating’, researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia found.



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10 responses to “I have my “3.2 % Neanderthal” Tee shirt, but this DNA result could be more useful for the ladies at J House

  1. Anonymous

    The cougars are at Tengda and Barcelona. J house is for hookers and their johns.

    • Point taken, but philandering Greenwich wives are not all cougars; many of them are looking to trade up to higher earners, not younger men who can still get it up; in fact, a prostate cancer survivor could be top on the list of their search – shorter life span, and no need to engage in “that”. There are tennis pros at the club to fill that need.

      • Anonymous

        Very true, but they’re unlikely to score at J House. Those guys either have wives or have decided that they prefer a more expressly transactional relationship with women (and, typically, actually hate women but need to get off). Wives looking to trade up tend to divorce first, at least as long as Husband I still has money–coast on the divided assets, alimony, and child support for a while, then find Mr. Writes Checks.

        • You are spot on, Anon at 4:02. And the men want younger women and those younger women want kids…and the poor guy is stuck being a new dad at 50

        • anonymous

          What is the motivation for a Mr. Writes checks to marry some washed up money grubbing cougar? What does a lady like that bring to the party(other than a large shoe/bag collection and most likely some secret credit card bills) ? This is what is known as a bad trade. Correct me if I am wrong but I mainly see those kind of guys with younger gals more often than the “bloom is off the rose” crowd.

          • As I understand the term, a “cougar” is an older woman seeking youthful companionship in bed. Then she waits patiently at home for her flabby old husband to come home with his checkbook.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      And you know this how exactly?

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    The vagina is a very complex work of art. It can totally take over your head, both of them, and cause utter chaos. So in order to understand it, you need to break it down in simple, layman’s terms.

    Think of the vagina as a parking meter. The more money you put into it, the longer you get to stay. And it will take money all day long. And if you don’t feed the meter, you get fined. Or towed. THERE IS NO FREE PARKING!!

    WAR ON WOMEN? The biggest lie ever told!! They hold all the cards. A vagina is more powerful than a neutron bomb.

    Do you understand now?
    Your Pal,

  3. I think that “DNA” is also known as wine…