If you can afford a $95,000 car and still worry about your “image”, you’re better off spending the money on a psychiatrist

Real men don't care what they drive

Real men don’t care what they drive

Bloomberg: BMW 750i will cure your personal-image crisis


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102 responses to “If you can afford a $95,000 car and still worry about your “image”, you’re better off spending the money on a psychiatrist

  1. i think fewer and fewer adult americans care about cars and what they ‘say’ about their owners. the market for these upscale cars is mostly in china and the ‘developing’ world. even a ford focus can carry you in relative comfort and reasonable safety on any u.s. highway at well above the speed limit — and with a pretty good sound system.

    • Oh Gee

      BMW sales up 10% in U.S. last year. Total industry sales up 6%.

    • housecat

      Have you driven around town any time in the last 2 years? I can’t tell if Tesla or Maserati is winning the Most Popular Boy Toy contest. It’s too close to call. I *can* say with some certainty, however, that Audi drivers have overtaken BMW drivers in the Most Obnoxious category.

    • It Depends

      The car scene is definitely ramping back up.
      Preschool dropoff parking lot 4 years ago 1 MB GL
      Present Day: 8 of em’
      And that’s just preschool.
      And yes, lots of Tesla’s being delivered too.

    • Anon2

      There are serious car people who buy high end cars because they appreciate the lines or the performance. Not for the cachet. Then there are stupid as post rich men who buy the fanciest car to compensate for a tiny penis.

    • It Depends

      The “performance” is something that’s rarely realized.
      A friend of mine has several cars that as he puts it “ends in the letter i ”
      He admits they’re fun to drive, but says he enjoys the attention more than anything else.

      • Anon2

        That’s true. But many guys who are performance drivers take their cars to private tracks, another rich man toy these days.

  2. Chimney

    On another subject, I must be getting old and/or senile- I agree with Bob Horton’s article (first time in history) in today’s Greenwich Rag about the Byram money-pit swimming pool fiasco. Here’s hoping that the local purse-keepers finally pull the plug on this stupid project that will cost more than $15m before the first Port Chester kid gets a toe in the water.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure most $95k cars are sold (well–leased, actually, as the majority are) primarily for image purposes.

    And yes, most luxury cars are designed for unsophisticated bling-loving developing markets like China and Russia now. That’s why the design of the Range Rover went from veddy British to very Yiddish.

  4. Mickster

    The reality us that most of these high end cars are not being bought but are leased. Which is great for the likes of us who buy these after the lease expires.
    I bought a 3 yr old $65,000 in perfect condition with 30k miles for $18k in a private deal.
    Still going strong 7 yrs later.

    • Even at $18K, I think you overpaid for your Irish Limousine – you could have ordered a lifetime’s supply of potatoes from PeaPod, delivered weekly, for far less.

      Irish Limo

      • Mickster

        OT but went to J House for Valentine’s Night dinner. What a disaster! Ended up getting it FREE it was so bad. Nice looking place though.

      • Not unheard of, Richard. A few years ago I purchased a friend’s low milage, excellent condition Volvo wagon which was coming off a three year lease. With direct dealer involvement (Volvo of Westport), I paid the lessee’s contractual residual value which was well below the blue book value for that particular model. The dealer provided all required paperwork to transfer ownership which I then submitted to Volvo USA. In less than a week paperwork was returned with the Volvo transferred to my name.

        • Thanks Cobra, I wasn’t aware that was an option. I’ve always bought cars new. I’m a died in the wool Subaru guy. I’ll have to look into that option the next time we’re ready to replace a car.

        • We did that for Kat – an Argentinian was returning home,he advertised his leased Subaru on Craig’s list, we got a great deal (well, significantly below what dealer would have sold it to us), the leasing company cooperated, and it all went very smoothly. Wonderful car, until an ISIS suicide deer attacked it in West Virginia last fall, alas.

        • The deer are thick in northern Westchester, primarily due to the ban on gun hunting. I’ve had a few near misses with the deer Jihadis myself. I’m driving a 2012 Impreza which I love and my wife has a 2009 Forrester, which is a good but not a great car, so that one’s next on the rotation.

          Which Sub did you get for Kat?

          • A newer model Outback. She loved it, and I bought her a replacement one (used, unfortunately – I’m not much of a sugar daddy) with low mileage, and she loves that one, too. Subarus are great little cars.

  5. Accolay

    J House in Riverside. Home to Greenwich’s cougs, but didn’t realize there were pros there.

  6. Accolay

    I personally don’t think Greenwich likes expensive cars.

  7. image? eff da Bimmer, dawg

  8. Walt

    Dude –

    Anyone who thinks a car is more than a tool, is a tool. You tool. It is simply a way to get from point A to point B. Nothing more. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on a car, just to make a statement, is stupid.

    Bought a Bentley? That shows a sign of a total lack of self-esteem. A Ferrari? You were probably a bed wetter. A Jaguar? Obviously a closet homo with a small penis. Any German car and you are obviously an Anti-Semite.

    Men, who have no personalities, buy expensive cars to try and impress the hotties. Because they have no charisma or charm. They need an expensive, flashy vehicle to try and compensate, to try and score some quim.

    And what does that say about how men see women? You think an expensive flashy little toy will attract women? Like a fish lure? We all want the tuna, but is that the way you want to get them? Do you REALLY think women are that shallow? Now that I think about that, do you want to go look at some Lamborghini’s today?

    Your Pal,

    • REAL women fall for a man with a truck. Mr. EOS had me at hello with his 1975 J10 white Jeep truck. Manual hubs, homemade fishing rod holders in the front. AM radio. What more does a woman need?

      • Anonymous

        My hubby is a native Texan and we have driven a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck as our “main car” (the other is an 18-year-old Toyota Landcruiser) for years. We take our garbage and yard debris to the dump in it and have become fast friends with Dexter, the “recycling center”‘s main man. We drive it down to our winter home in Florida where it has raised a few eyebrows in our small “gated” community, but we love it. The only thing missing is a rear rack for our shotguns. Greenwich Oldtimer

        • I’ve loved every comment you’ve made here over the years, feeling in sync with your values and political persuasion, but now I know we are one, wives of men who wouldn’t have any other vehicle than a truck. XXOO

        • Anonymous

          EOS : Thanks for your nice comments. High praise indeed from someone whose postings have always interested and inspired me (not to mention made me laugh!) Greenwich Oldtimer

    • Accolay

      Clearly Walt doesn’t live in Greenwich. So much easier to get action from the Greenwich women crowd when you flash some bucks in a Bimmer or better.

      • Accolay, it might be easier to get one night stand action with a fancy car but it’s not how you get a good wife. And in the long run, most men marry the good woman to raise their children.

        • Empty Nester

          What about after they go to college?

        • Accolay

          EOS, you’d be surprised how many of those uptight Greenwich moms with Hermes scarves and Range Rovers were the ones having all of the one night stands in their 20s. People change, at least in their appearances!

        • Empty Nester: not sure your comment was directed at me. If it was, not sure what it meant. Help me out.

          Accolay: Sure, I get that, 20-somethings have sex. I’m not saying a man looks for a virgin, but I think there’s a difference between the woman who has sex indiscriminately with a lot of guys, and the woman who is a serial monogamist – she may have several boyfriends before she marries, but she sleeps with him only at the time they date.

        • Accolay

          EOS: so many of my friends married some pretty fast lane girls that now resemble Stepford Wives. Happens more often than not, actually. Maybe just a CT thing?

          • Accolay: It’s me. I hang out with a pretty dull crowd. We’re slow lane types. We age. We get a little fat. We have a few wrinkles. We’re anything but Stepford Wives. Yet our husbands still adore us. I’m sure the fast lane girls get a fast lane husband and that makes them happy. Fine with me. But remember who won the race. It wasn’t the hare!! I’ve told my daughters a million times that the best man they can find is one who is in for the long haul. For Better or worse. And every marriage has some worse. It’s how you handle the worse that makes the better better!
            Thus ends my sermon on marriage! 🙂

          • Harelips will never win the marital-bliss race, I agree.

        • It Depends

          My stance on the tortoise and the hare:

          I think the story is leaving out a few animals in the kingdom.

    • Empty Nester

      Pros and RR’s are cheaper and way more fun than being married Walter,

  9. Anonymous

    Quite a few of the wealthiest in town drive the most unassuming autos. Priuses, Toyota 4runners etc.

  10. better idea: get a RR Wraith (essentially a BMW 760 anyway) and hoon it around the neighbor’s back forty:

  11. james

    Sorry but subaru drivers are the worst next are prius drivers (and yes I drive like an asshole).

    • I’m aware of polls that show 75% of drivers think they’re better than the average driver, but I’ve driven 46 years now without an accident, so I think I’m qualified to opine on that “average” driver: making the 5-hour trip to Maine so frequently these days, I see some incredibly bad driving and, with the exception of Massachusetts drivers, who are in a class by themselves, I’d say the assholes and incompetents come in all types of vehicles. BMW drivers are probably the worst, but since those people are basically the low-rider ghetto drivers of the upper class, I give them a pass: they truly are too stupid to know any better.

      • It Depends

        I hit a tree dead center 15 months ago at 30mph.
        Airbags DID NOT deploy.
        “Faulty Sensors” apparently.
        Not a scratch on me, but boy did it send chills…

      • It Depends

        And no crashes in 46 YRS CF!

        • Some skill, a lot of defensive driving – I assume every driver on the road is a psychopathic maniac – luck, and some drivers more alert than me, who saw my own boneheaded moves ahead of time. It takes a village, and all that.

      • Anonymous

        Yikes! What did BMW do to you? The worst drivers are, by far, anyone in a luxury SUV of any brand. All of the entitlement of a luxury vehicle, plus the false sense of immortality granted by 4wd/AWD, the stupidity of driving a vehicle with horrible mileage and largely useless cargo room, and the brazeness granted by sheer size.

        • Some of your points are valid: if you’re not using that cargo space to tote dead deer, ducks, (live) dogs, hunters and inert weapons, why would you need it? – but SUV drivers don’t seem to weave in and out of lanes, at 80 mph, without signaling, the way BMW drivers do. They do, however, tend to tailgate, and I’d like a rear-mounted RPG to address that.

        • Anonymous

          I actually don’t mind the weavers–if you’re a competent weaver, weave away. I’ll keep my cruise control at 74 and coast along in the middle lane, and you’ll beat me there by 10 minutes. I’m more concerned with distracted driving, and the luxe-SUV owners here are king. Well, queen, really. iPhone, 3 brats, an empty stomach and late to yoga means crossing the yellow line, blowing red lights, and oscillating between driving 10 under and 25 over the limit. Though I will grant you that BMW drivers seem to be most dickish parkers.

          I drive a BMW station wagon, and I’m convinced the duddiness of the latter trumps the dickishness of the former.

        • anonymous

          Anonymous @4:08. I make a point of following a good weaver. A good one means using a turn signal, and not cutting someone off, yet taking advantage of a space to get around the pokster who insists on going the speed limit in the left lane. I’ve been known to pass a few cars on the right and cut back over two lanes but it’s hard. It’s hell when you try that maneuver and get caught behind someone slow. The ones you tried to pass get all giddy with the satisfaction that the one in a hurry gets caged.

          A good driver knows when to speed and when to stay back.

          • There is truly nothing more aggravating than a self-rightious prig traveling 55 in the fast lane, causing everyone else to jam into the middle and right lanes to get around (usually) her. These types tend to drive Priuses, with a redundant “Obama 2012” sticker.

      • Anonymous

        Stop calling your clients ghetto 😄

      • And then there are the road rage drivers. Last fall I had the misfortune to share the road with a dish network installation truck whose driver acted like he was on meth. We got the phone number of the company off the side of the truck but when we called the local installation company the next day they claimed that without the license plate they couldn’t even take the complaint, despite having the time and location of the incident.

        So I asked Santa for one of these.

        The video is excellent and it records the time and location with the video. Garmin has software you can download that lets you edit out parts of the video. It will even show your position on a map as the video replays. For $200 it’s a must have.

        • that’s a MUST HAVE.
          this guy claims the woman who hit him had the police believing her ‘story’ that he ran the red light, until they saw his video

        • There are thousands of videos like that on line. Dash cams first became popular in Russia because the police there pull people over to shake them down for bribes.

          What’s unusual about that video is the way he has the camera mounted inside the car. It should really go on the windshield to maximize the coverage of what’s happening outside the car.

          I heartily recommend the Garmin. The build quality is excellent, it shoots 1080p high def and the tech support is US based and very good. You can get a knowledgeable person on the phone who speaks English in a couple of minutes and the support is free for as long as you own the device. The only slight complaint I have about it is that it comes with just a 4 gigabyte Micro SD memory card, which is only enough to record about 90 minutes of high def video. When the card fills up it overwrites the oldest files. You can swap it out with a 32 GB card for about $20. Garmin is really committed to these products because Google Maps on GPS enabled smart phones is making their core GPS products obsolete.

          If I had had this unit during my encounter with the demented Dish Network installer I would have turned the video over to the NYS Police, posted it on Youtube and Facebook and then called the company to complain. As these dash cams become common I expect a lot of rotten drivers are going to be in for a rude surprise when they wind up on social media or explaining themselves to the police.

    • C'mon man!

      Agree 100% on this. Prius and Subaru are worst. Followed closely by women driving Range Rovers.

  12. Anonymous

    Most people in town buying high end BMWs, Mercedes or Audis are not trying to impress anybody. They are just nice cars to drive and they can usually afford them. Even the sports car guys I know tend to keep it low key.

    • And do Rolexes tell better time than a Timex?

      • It Depends

        For the first 15 years that I knew Dick Fuld, way back when I thought he was a genius, he would often tell me that fancy watches were for fools. He always made a point to tell me how much he loved his Timex.
        The story is no longer a good one to tell, bc as it turns out he was a liar, a thief, and an Incompetent fool.

        • Yeah, but it wasn’t the watch that brought him down

        • Anonymous

          According to a few folks I know who got to personally interact with him, he was a royal asshole.

          And no, it wasn’t his genius that made Lehman boatloads of cash. It was about a dozen or so core bankers & traders, and the structuring of liquidity facilities and certain AAA rated corporate entities that lowered their borrowing costs, that enabled them to print money for a long time.

      • Anonymous

        That might be the case where the answer is unambiguous – the Timex wins. Everything else is is pretty subjective. BMW vs Toyota, Old Greenwich vs NoPo, Ritz Carlton vs Courtyard Marriott, they all get the job done fine.

      • Anonymous

        Rolexes are actually more justifiable than a nice car. They increase or at least come close to holding value, and you’ll likely have it for a lifetime and/or pass it down to kids. A luxury car of course depreciates rapidly and will be guaranteed dead in 20 years if you’re extremely lucky. I got a Rolex when I graduated from college. If it’d been a Bimmer, that thing would be sitting in a junkyard somewhere.

  13. Accolay

    IMO people in Greenwich who buy these cars aren’t posers – their cars are actually in line with home prices. It’s people in Shelton, Bethel, Newtown etc that have cars worth 10% of the home which is just stupid and out of line. Those are posers.

    • Anonymous

      I have never met somebody in Greenwich with a nice car speak poorly about somebody because they drive a cheaper car. But the number of comments the other way around are staggering.

      • Accolay

        I wasn’t speaking poorly about people who drive cheap OR expensive cars. Just those who drive cars disproportionate to their net worth or station in life.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry remark wasn’t aimed at you at all.

        • It Depends

          I have a few friends who drive beyond their means.
          The most appalling just bought a used Range Rover about a year ago,
          Then in August called me because he needed help moving…
          Moving back in with his parents.
          With his wife, their baby, and yes, another on the way.
          Did I mention they have a collective student loan debt bomb of 350k?
          Ivy League idiots.

    • Anonymous

      If you live in a less expensive town because you don’t work in NYC then you have more discretionary spending money and therefore can buy a more expensive car. The person who lives in a $1mm house in Newtown might earn as much money as someone in a $2mm house in Greenwich–it’s just one of them has to live on the train line so they drive an Accord. If the requirement for driving a Range Rover was your house had to be worth 20x as much there would be many fewer people driving them.

      But enlighten me: What is the appropriate car to house proportion? Are childless yuppies who rent allowed to buy BMWs? What about those who buy used cars? What’s the correct station in life for a Porsche SUV?

      • Anonymous

        The correct car is one cheaper than the pundit can afford. Otherwise the driver is entitled, texts on the way to school pick up, changes lanes at random and cuts you up at Whole Foods.

      • housecat

        Buy whatever you want. But, anyone who thinks driving a BMW (fill in the blank “Luxury Vehicle”) makes them King o’ De Woild is a fucking idiot. And probably an asshole, too.

  14. Anonymous

    I have always been a GM guy, but out of curiosity before buying my last car, I test-drove cars at various dealers. Mercedes, Buicks, Cadillacs, BMWs, Audis, etc. all gave great rides with great handling. Robotic manufacturing, & electronics have likely evened out ride and quality. So anyone paying more than $45 K for a car is likely buying fashion rather than quality. I haven’t tried real sports cars like Corvettes or Feraris, but suspect that the Vettes drive just as well at a fraction of the price. I finally bought a 2014 factory certified used car + extended warranty with 18,000 mi. that drives like a dream. Saved $15 K of first year depreciation. I would make an exception for true car enthusiasts who spend time-off driving around race tracks instead of playing golf. But most people with very expensive cars are doing it to show-off.

    • I had to admit, I’d at least want to test drive a Tesla pickup, if, as rumor has it, they plan to make one. Buy it? Not on my budget, but it’d be fun to feel all that torque, so sadly missing in my Honda Ridgeline.

      • It Depends

        It’s coming.
        And Apple, BMW, Porsche and just about everyone else is going after Tesla’s proven winning business model.
        700 ft. Lbs of TQ. You shall have

  15. Anonymous

    If you really want too see the most exotic cars in one place, try the student parking lot at Beverly Hills High.

  16. Anonymous

    One’s wealth cannot be judged by the car they choose to drive. I can buy anything but choose a relatively modest make and model and a house at about the median price in Greenwich which is paid off. The lot of people who mortgage their life for the image projection of a particular house or car or club etc. is large and sad. I do think the difference in the performance of the higher end vehicle I own vs the lower is astounding, so largely conclude that those who can afford the better engineered cars should enjoy them, hopefully without judgement.