I can’t improve on Glenn Reynolds’ heading

atlas-shruggedMr. Reardon, to the White courtesy phone:

Nano-Manufacturing Makes Steel 10 Times Stronger: A new way to produce metals could have wide-ranging effects.


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4 responses to “I can’t improve on Glenn Reynolds’ heading

  1. great. just what we need: better scimitars.

  2. Perpetual mooring/chains…..

  3. Chimney

    Mr. Reardon, as in Atlas Shrugged?

  4. Fred2

    The Materials Scientist in me is going – super cool!
    The Metallurgical Engineer in me – Dour and suspicious. I want to see serious and sober tests in real work enviro’s to debug THAT, and see what the failure modes are. Steel fails predictably, Steel+ that fails unpredictably – MUCH less useful.