I’m not positive this was built on land snatched from my Huguenot ancestors, but maybe I’ll claim it anyway

Mackerel Snapper Palace

Mackerel Snapper Palace

French castle built in 1507 for Catholic Cardinal now available for $5.7 million. Comes with 1,800 acres but, unfortunately, is surrounded by the French.


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13 responses to “I’m not positive this was built on land snatched from my Huguenot ancestors, but maybe I’ll claim it anyway

  1. Cos Cobber

    Its that a North Street listing? Swear I have seen that one up there by the Merritt.

  2. Accolay

    Imagine what 1800 acres in G would go for today, even if backcountry is out of favor. In fact, would love to know what something like Conyers would do if new today. Any chances we’ll see something similar – perhaps on the Rockefeller Land off Zaccheus Mead (obviously not 10-acre plots)?

  3. Hmmm….castle in France or new construction on Hearthstone

  4. I’ve heard you Americans say that France is the greatest piece of real estate on the planet….it’s a shame we French live there.

    This is a gorgeous property. But beware: if you as the poor owner desire to so much as replace a window or even bring electricity to rooms which the 16th century architects omitted to wire, you’ll have to submit your plans, your contractors, your materials and your design to a gauntlet of French bureaucrat/preservationists. This process will be torture… a bit like our land use agencies…..except the torture will be exquisite and in French…….

    • housecat

      Is that why it’s so cheap, relatively-speaking? (No snark intended. I just can’t fathom why it’s that price.)

      • Fred2

        Exactly, you can pick up achingly beautiful British manors for that kind of money too, but the maintenance and renovation ( and if it’s listed, the bureaucracy) are insanely high, and the taxes are not that low either.

        Also that sort of place in the country in France needs a full-time caretaker, to prevent you from being broken into 4x a month. ( And we’re not talking about just the family silver being heisted, they’ll steal entire mutli tonne 16th century fireplaces, floor tiles, iron gates…etc…)

  5. CF you are a fellow part Hugue…’splains a lot.
    Mine was Putnam’s Major and both major skirt lifters which is why they were late hitting the hill as the Brits blew in from New York!

  6. Anonymous

    Since it was built for a Cardinal, it will be the perfect French home for the leaders of ISIS when it gets there.

  7. housecat

    I think you meant “Mackerel Snapper Plaice”, ne c’est pas?