Like a bad penny …

Or the north

Or the north

2 Cowdray Park Drive, up in Conyers Farm, is back, new broker, new price: $4.7 million. It couldn’t sell at auction two years ago with a “suggested price” of $4.6, but perhaps this time will be different. It sold for $9 million, once, back in 1999, but that was then, this is now.


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12 responses to “Like a bad penny …

  1. these examples might come in handy for the new broker:

  2. Anonymous

    Wow is the house a total tear down? I am not a Conyers man myself but that seems like a good deal?

  3. AJ

    Considerably less than someone paid for the Opie Cunningham spread.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Is this the case of the 200k cell tower which causes 10m of valuation loss?

  5. Accolay

    What are the chances of getting the cell tower removed?

  6. Anonymous

    The truly wealthy live in the city now, whereas before they came out here to escape from it. The market for places like Conyers and Backcountry resultantly dried up. Now it’s striving upper middle class families who can’t afford to live in the city who populate Greenwich. Hence Riverside.

    • It Depends

      The TRULY WEALTHY have 5+ homes they call Home.
      And when there’s’ a Conyers reference, I’m all over it.
      Drove passed this property this morning.
      It’s nothing in comparison to any of the properties on Converse Lake.
      Ron’s former house, and the new listing of 31 acres on Gaurds road are the two absolute finest in all of Conyers.IMHO

      Did someone mention swinging?

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t it just odd how often the “truly wealthy” end up serving time in Federal prison, resultantly from their nefarious activities for the purpose of financial gain?

  7. Anonymous

    Heck if I could swing it I’d live in Conyers and throw private wild parties all night long every week, invite Walt too.

    Can’t do that sort of thing in OG or midcountry where your neighbor reaches across the kitchen window to kitchen window to borrow some grey poupon.

    Don’t want people in my business, as it were.