Well well well

Boom goes London, boom Paree...

Boom goes London, boom Paree…

Tunisian engineering student in Canada wanted to set off Yellowstone volcano and bring down the world. Coming from a world that teaches him that the earth doesn’t rotate, this probably wasn’t too serious a threat, but his suicidal passion is: Iran, for instance, is about to have nuclear missiles. If it were to send one over our way and explode it in outer space, our entire electrical system would shut down, with a death expectancy of 90% in 12 months. (Don’t like that link? Too alarmist? Here’s the 2005 report from a Senate subcommittee on terrorism – same conclusion, in longer length).

Mutual Assured Destruction worked when we were dealing with enemies who had no desire to join us in Armageddon; but as security teams have discovered, when an assassin doesn’t care whether he himself survives, the odds of protecting a target go way, way down. We’re facing just such madmen.

If only Obama’s Job Corp program for the Middle East and North Korea will come in time!


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  1. pre-emptive strike? i like it!

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    I must admit this whole theory about the earth spinning around has always perplexed me. They say the earth is spinning around at 1040 miles per hour. So how come we don’t all have wind burn? And how come when I jump up in the air, I don’t land a few feet away? CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT?

    And this whole round earth thing? COME ON!! I know the moon is round, because I can see it. BUT THAT IS WHY NO ONE LIVES THERE!! How could people possibly survive on a giant round spinning ball? I feel much more comfortable with the whole flat earth theory.

    I also don’t understand how fish in a frozen lake don’t freeze. And where do the Bambi’s go when it is this cold? Who invented women’s panties? And why? Why is liberalism not considered some form of retardation, or a disability? Why do black people have white palms? Why do gay men have such impeccable taste and fashion sense, but most Lezbo’s look and dress like truck drivers? Why do we find our own farts funny, and like the smell, but are disgusted when someone else does it? Why are dogs always so happy?


    If you can, I have a lot more questions.
    Your Pal,

  3. I think we should find an open lava crater on an active volcano we can drop him into for some scientific field work.

  4. Al Dente

    Crazy muslims are not interested in being greeters at the Baghdad WalMart. They are racing full speed toward Armageddon, and they want everyone to die.

  5. Gravity is one of those details that people forget….’splains a lot….

  6. Anonymous

    The most sensible explanation I’ve heard for Obama’s handling of the middle east is that he and Valerie Jarett, his Iranian born key advisor, believe that the West’s creation of so many fake countries after WWI and WW II is a major cause of middle east instability. The answer to stability is an Iran that slowly rebuilds its Persian Empire, as it is now doing. In this worldview, whether or not Israel disappears is just an annoying detail. The fact that Iran is a major exporter of terror and that many of its leaders are fundamentalists who would impose worldwide Sharia law is also a detail. A nuclear Iran will be the greatest threat to the world since the Axis powers in the 1930’s. Sorry for being serious here.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Serious is OK … In context. Our biggest problem is that way too many people are historical illiterates in this country. Indeed, way too many are in a thorough fog about what’s happening RIGHT NOW, as can be seen from the Mark Dice video series of Dolt on the Street video he runs on YouTube. Too many of the responses are completely cringe-worthy.

  7. Once

    Walt, liberalism must be considered some form of retardation, or a disability because so many of them get govt checks.