Center Drive sale

19 Center Drive, Old Greenwich, $1.475 million, full price, 30 days on market (contract date December 24, 2014). Our MLS has stripped the details from public access, but here are two pictures, taken from the original listing. I guess they did a  lot with a little.

19 Center Drive

19 Center Drive

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.00.00 PM


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9 responses to “Center Drive sale

  1. Toonces

    curb appeal!

  2. Anonymous

    and a front moat!

  3. Anonymous

    No inventory in this price range!! I wish I had something to sell!

  4. It Depends

    Point one4 acres.
    Yes .14

    But sold at a loss.
    1.650M previous sale.

    Those were still “the days” huh!

  5. Anonymous

    What’s the deal with 35 & 23 Center Drive in OG? Seems likes these are good prices.

  6. millionairebling

    Wow, a 1 car garage. This house is for someone who has “arrived” and wants to live it large in OG.