It’s resting, damn it!

Indian officials insist that tree planted by Obama is not dead, it’s just lost all its leaves.


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4 responses to “It’s resting, damn it!

  1. sort of like his administration

  2. AJ

    The Midas touch: everything he touches turns to shit. If it’s possible to choke on one’s own bile, I”m sure the big 0 will one day add that to his list of accomplishments: he’s just that kind of guy.

    “. . . If unemployment were the key driving force of economic growth then it would have made a lot of sense to eradicate unemployment as soon as possible by generating all sorts of employment.

    It is not important to have people employed as such, but to have them employed in wealth-generating activities. For instance, policy makers could follow the advice of Keynes and his followers and employ people in digging ditches, or various other government-sponsored activities. Note that the aim here is just to employ as many people as possible.

    A simple commonsense analysis however quickly establishes that such a policy would amount to depletion in the pool of real wealth. Remember that every activity, whether productive or non-productive, must be funded. When the Fed or the federal government attempt to increase employment through various types of stimulus, this can result in the expansion of capital goods for non-wealth generating projects which leads to capital consumption instead of growth.

    Hence employing individuals in various useless non-wealth generating activities simply leads to a transfer of real wealth from wealth generating activities and this undermines the real wealth-generating process. . . .”

  3. Same experts that work around here get it wrong over there….burlap is supposed to be around the roots…..not the plant!

  4. w b h

    How do you expect the tree to live in India when the sap is in Washington, DC? (Full disclosure: it is a paraphrase of a line written by my uncle, E.J. Macklin, city editor of the Waukegan [Illinois] News Sun in the 1930s, about a tree planted in Waukegan in honor of its native son, Jack Benny, who lived in Hollywood.)