Oprah’s pal finally unloads her house

37 Richmond Hill

37 Richmond Hill

37 Richmond Hill Drive, last asking $3.6 million, has a pending sale.  Purchased new in 2000 for $3.6 million by the Queen herself, occupied by her girlfriend, then inflated and interior-decorized, it was put



back up for sale in 2008 at $7.450 million, failed to sell, reappeared after a few rentals at $5.5 in 2013 and now, right back where it started (less whatever the final negotiated price proves to be), it’s being sold.


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14 responses to “Oprah’s pal finally unloads her house

  1. Riverside Dog Walker


    OT, but I’ve been waiting for you to post on this and can’t wait anymore. There is so much to talk about here. Public housing resident at our expense who has been visiting the food pantry for 8 years and repays the kindness of strangers by stealing their wallets. But the best part is the donor/woman who carries around earrings worth $25,000 in her wallet. Greenwich Gal, do you do this?

  2. probably just me, but, the Real Estalker isn’t as much fun since it moved under the Variety big top.

  3. Walt

    Dude –

    Do people actually call you to take them to look at dirt when it is this cold? WHY?? Actually, do people actually call you? WHY!!!

    Anyhows, I am not going anywhere until it warms up. And I planned ahead!! I went to your favorite store –WHOLE FOODS!! – and stocked up on fresh vegetables, beef, chicken, and sea food. I figured I wouldn’t be at Mama San’s House of Happy Endings anytime soon, SO I AM BREAKING OUT MY WOK!!

    Do you have a wok Dude? I have a really big one. A wok is truly a magical thing. Oil it up, heat it up, stick some fish in it, and you are in heaven!!

    You want to stop by for lunch tomorrow? I will be whipping up some Suk Mi Pork. If you prefer chicken, I can make some Tung Sum Chick.

    Let me know. If you want to bring dessert,pick up some of those Chink chocolate pastries. I think they are called Hoo Shat in Fann.

    Your Pal,

  4. Greenwich Gal

    My 25k earrings are right where they should be – on my ears. I once left a pair of diamond hoops in a makeup bag and left it on the plane. Never again. So I only travel with jewelry that is on my person. A practical tip from GG~