Al Gore’s worst nightmare

NYC freezes,not floods.

Polar bears next?

Polar bears next?


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6 responses to “Al Gore’s worst nightmare

  1. Hal Itosis, PhD

    This is actually what we call “cold heat” – it’s very dangerous and is further proof that climate change is real and is ruining our world. It’s similar to that “icy hot” stuff that Shaq uses – but of course your inferior brains can’t comprehend this complex issue.

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    But just what is the deal with the weather? It goes from freezing cold to MORE SNOW!! I am sick of this shit.

    And where were you for lunch today? I kept my promise and never went out. Fired up my very large wok and had a grand old time!!

    I made love to Steph EIGHT TIMES!! My only regret is she wasn’t here to enjoy it with me.

    Your Pal,

    • AJ

      Try a do rag, Walt: you might just get lucky. Or you could go for the hair, but that would take about three years to grow. I think you can get a Duck Dynasty do rag at Walmart for a few bucks, but you don’t have one of those in Greenwich, leaving you shit out of luck. There is hope though: I mean Axl doesn’t even play guitar; he does do a mean little snake dance though — some say very similar to Davy of the Monkeys bugaloo. Check it out: Axl vs. Davy on YouTube. I think it’s something you could do, the dance, that is.

      • AJ

        What’s that she’s got? Cigarettes? What a freakin’ waste. I mean I could see smoking coke or opium, but cigarettes? WTF for?

  3. really awesome, clear pictures of the city. reminded me to look at the 1921 film Manhatta