So who is Kelly Luxenberg, and why does she need a set of rules telling her how to care for a baby?

Kelly Luxenberg. Watch that  the drool doesn't freeze on your chin, honey

Kelly Luxenberg. Watch that drool doesn’t freeze on your chin, honey

The post below quoting state representative Kelly Luxenberg expressing confusion about her child-rearing responsibilities and bemoaning the failure of her hospital to issue her a set of rules to follow to raise her baby, got me wondering – what sort of adult woman could be so clueless? Turns out, she’s a typical product of our modern university system.


Kelly (Juleson-Scopino) Luxenberg is a first time legislator serving Manchester’s 12th district.

With both her parents public school educators, she was born and raised in Manchester and graduated from the Manchester Public Schools. She received a full academic scholarship from Seton Hall University where she studied international relations and minored in Spanish and Theatre.

Prior to becoming a state representative, Kelly served on the Manchester Board of Education. 

[In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. – Mark Twain]

She prides herself on being a voice for the voiceless including animals and children.

Kelly and her husband, former State Representative, Geoff, live in the Buckley School neighborhood with their daughter, Zoey, and their rescue dogs, Rudy and Scrappy.

Child of two teachers, a university degree, yet she still feels helpless without someone else telling her what to do. Like most Democrats of her ilk, she feels obliged to feel better about her own inadequacies by mandating rules for other people to follow. Moron.


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15 responses to “So who is Kelly Luxenberg, and why does she need a set of rules telling her how to care for a baby?

  1. Anonymous

    A moron that my tax dollars pay for.
    God help us!

  2. We need Finland style ladies!

  3. It Depends

    What we need:

  4. The REAL story of politics ...

    Her husband was the campaign manager for Larson a few years back … he runs a company for hire to put your candidate in office … he was cited for conflict of interest for trying to solicit business from other state reps and state senators to get them in office next election cycle … he too was a state rep from manchester … playing the same old democrat game …. he got in hot water when he bullied a town official to get a voter registered on behalf of his politician he was trying to get into office … when the heat got too strong he resigned and ran his dumb wife kelly instead … this duo will finally get caught up in another messs … wait and see.

  5. Anonymous Citizenette

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. You had at least 9 months to conduct in-depth research if you felt at all apprehensive about your own lack of parenting skills. Ditto for other new parents. (BTW, her resume reads like a parody).

  6. brainless

    you see a pediatrician in nusery, 2 weeks, 1 mo, 2mo, 4mo, 6 mo, 9 mo, and 12 mo for advise … what a dummy. visit barnes and noble or ask your mother …. nanny state lover. she will be comm of health after 8 terms and retire at 80 k a yr for life like the rest of the worthless state reps.

  7. Rick

    Hey, be careful who you criticize. Chris Christie is a Seton Hall alum, too.

  8. Live Free or Die

    Was there an instruction manual to make the baby………

  9. Anonymous

    “She prides herself on being marginally more intelligent than the voiceless animals and children.”

  10. kelly the clown

    Zombie idiot … maybe people this dumb should not breed more idiots … says the it takes a village spokesman

  11. wtf

    with the millions poured into high school … can’t she come up with a smarter question? what a brainless twit … I pray for the child.

  12. LAK

    This is easy…

    She has no maternal instincts.

  13. Democrat Play Book

    Does she read “How to spend other people’s money” daily?
    Does she think CT taxpayers should re-write Dr. Spock and then hand it out for free?
    If she was a Republican, she would write and market and profit off her own book and then cry over the 33% tax the state takes on her profits!
    Shame on her.
    Should we give out free Playboys to help her get pregnant again?
    Is she on the dole for her kids hospital care? WIC? Other benefits?
    No tax on baby food.
    How bout no tax on condoms?