Who ya gonna believe: me, or your own lying eyes?

Obama: “It’s no accident economy has improved under my watch”.

“I just want everybody to remember that at every step as we made these policies, made this progress, we were told by our good friends the Republicans that our actions would crush jobs, explode deficits and destroy the country,” he told the partisan crowd. “If we were actually to look at the evidence, it’s pretty clear whose theory of how to grow the economy and make sure American people are prospering, which theory works. We know their ideas don’t work.”

8 straight years of sub-2.5% growth. Worst eight-year run in 62 years.


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6 responses to “Who ya gonna believe: me, or your own lying eyes?

  1. Once

    But a lie becomes a truth if it’s repeated often enough. Plus the press helps it along.

  2. Obama doin’ the Ickey shuffle: “…..I’ma got me some economik growf……”

  3. Anonymous

    Under Obamas watch we have the highest debt other than WWII and the employment rate is the worst it’s ever been.

    Two powerful metrics that seem to be ignored by the media. They focus on unemployment rate when that number is rigged. The employment rate sucks wind.