Shocker of the day

Peter J. Tesei "temporary" Firehouse and campaign headquarters

Peter J. Tesei “temporary” Firehouse and campaign headquarters

New central firehouse is over budget and behind schedule.

The steel superstructure was due to be completed by last fall, but Lowest Selectman Peter Tesei says that couldn’t be accomplished by November because of all the snow this February.

Yet this guy keeps getting reelected? Boggles the mind.


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53 responses to “Shocker of the day

  1. Cos Cobber

    If team Blankley/Farricker were building it, we’d have twice the deficits, three times the delays and a kickback museum dedicated to the Fireman/Steel/Carpenters union would be replace the actual fire truck bays.

    • I’m not so sure of that, CC – once you reach rock bottom in incompetence, as the Republicans have, can you go still lower?

    • FF

      Hey Cobber, all you’re doing by saying that is saying that its OK. While you will likely retort something unrelated, the fact is that every building project in Greenwich over the last few decades is wildly over budget, and ALL of them were approved by, managed and shepherded by Republican Party operatives. But hey, its OK because your stereotype says Democrats are worse, right? Unless you are willing to vote out the First Selectman who supervised all these projects on the BET or in office, then you have no standing to be so snarky because its on you too

  2. AJ

    Ah, a performance bond?

  3. Anonymous

    It would have cost double plus…with spend, spend then tax and spend more…had Blankley been elected…Have you forgotten his grandiose plans for the school system? The lesser evil.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Btw, while I haven’t seen the data, it does seem to me that boosting our Glenville Firehouse to 4 full time 24-7 fireman is sufficient to cover the NW part of town. The coverage up this way has been the same forever.

    If not, they should create a special taxing district for the extra service and yes – I am looking at you Brunswick/Sacred Heart/General American Financial Center Office building (TishmanSpeyer Building).

    • Nutmegger

      Are you forgetting the nursing homes and Fairview CC and the Griff? Or just decided to pick on the private schools yet again?

  5. Riverside Dog Walker

    ‘a problem arose when the foundation was dug that affected the atrium connected to the nearby police department headquarters’

    That says it all. I love our GPD folk, but I don’t think they or the firemen need atriums. It is probably impossible to effect change in the federal government, but one would hope that we could get our arms around the town government, but that seems impossible as well.

    • Share your sentiments entirely – if we can’t even control our local idiots, what chance do we have on a national scale? Very discouraging.
      UPDATE: I’m grateful for the service our police force has always provided my family – the “idiots” I refer to are our politicians.
      UPDATE II: But no, the cops didn’t need a frickin atrium, for god’s sake.

  6. Anonymous

    O/t but has anyone noticed electric went up 33% in Jan? From 9c pkw to 12c pkw?

    • You may thank your Hartford global warmists for that, with their demand for “alternative energy”.

    • Does it have anything to do with our new electric company being based in Texas?

      • Nope – all this – the expected jump in electricity prices – was discussed here at least 18 months ago. It’s about the Democrats mandating that 35% ( or something like that) of electricity sold in this state come from “green” sources. The huge hike was predicted from the get-go, but was mostly ignored by the press and the consumers. Oops!

  7. GPD Folk

    We have an atrium?

    • Greenwich Time says you do, so you do. I think they mean that huge entrance way with the exotic birds and palm trees

    • Sure. Take a left at the sushi bar, past the sauna. That’s where the honest, competent politicians hang out.

    • Anonymous

      Yes you do… A very big atrium to fit a police chief with a very big head who thinks he knows everything. If Greenwich elected a First Selectman with a set of balls he or she might then tell the police chief to get his department in order. Stop spending hours obsessing about the fire boat or Ian the harbor master and start working on police moral, cutting overtime, slashing the 10 officers on the police boat, and getting under control all these police related lawsuits.

      Just my 2 cents

  8. Anonymous

    i’ve seen houses being built all winter, it takes a genuine safety issue to stop work. i call complete and total b.s. on the weather stoppage for city buildings. i would venture a good guess stoppage is in the contract anytime the temps go below 40, with continual payments regardless. great negotiating by our elected officials.

  9. Walt

    Dude –
    This is the shocker of the day!!

    You did an interview with Salon? “I am hung like a toddler”!! It features an anonymous interview with a man named….CHRIS!!…from “Chicago”.

    What are you doing sending dick pics showing your face, you cocktail franked dummy. And you admitted to liking porn, you pervert? And they called you Tiny Tim is high school, because of your micro dong? That one made me feel bad for you.

    Did you hit on the reporter? Was she hot?

    Your Pal,

  10. Anonymous

    But why stop at that project and go onto the new—the Byram Pool

    ALL Town leaders know ONLY 30% of the costs—and yet ALL leaders are ready to appropriate FULL funds.

  11. that’s the fun thing about messing up with other people’s money: even though the costs may be staggering, the consequences are nil

  12. AJ

    Speaking of shocking, everyone is trashing Shonda Rhimes for trashing Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars:

    Shonda Rhimes Slams Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music Tribute at Oscars 2015: “Dear God, Julie Had to Hear That”
    Us Magazine‎ – 3 hours ago

    Shonda Rhimes slammed Lady Gaga’s widely praised Sound of Music tribute performance …

    But listen up and compare:


    If you can’t tell the difference, remove the wax from you ears.

    • Walt

      You Rex Reed wannabe!!

      You are comparing a live performance in an auditorium – that would be Lady Gaga, or Ga as she likes me to call her – to a studio recorded performance. That would be Julie Andrews, or Mary Pop – as the Dude likes to call her.

      You can’t compare the two. Ga’s performance was spectacular for two reasons. She sounded great, and didn’t try to make it about her, by doing some weird interpretation of the original song. She sang it as she should – a tribute to Mary Pop, and didn’t try to shine the light on herself. Very rare for a pop superstar, and it shows her character. I have new found respect for the woman, and think she did an outstanding job.

      And the movie SUCKED!! Who cares about the Von Tramp family running around the mountains and singing like a bunch of retards? Where was the plot twist? Where were the hotties? But Ga did a spectacular job.

      • AJ

        I really like Gaga’s Poker Face, but after that not so much. It was close but not quite. You make live performances sound like they’re something special. Back in the day that’s all they used to do. When my brother was working at the Capital Theater and I used to get to see all the shows for free, the idea that someone would lip sync was unimaginable.

        I didn’t say she couldn’t sing, but every now and then someone attempts something outside their range.

    • Anonymous

      gaga has some serious piano skills and pipes. it’s too bad most of the pop crap she plays has nothing to do with it.

      look for her when it’s just her, a piano, and jazz standards. then, it’s a nice italian catholic girl from new york wowing the crowd. her duo with tony bennett was fantastic.

  13. AJ

    And while Julie Andrews is good I kind of like these girls version of Edelweiss better. Good work Sigrid and Marina: very nice tops:

  14. AJ

    Hmm? There’s something about Sigrid and Marina. Could they be related to the Mothra Girls? If so, small world, eh?

  15. Anonymous

    Does anybody remember the date the original firehouse came down – was it 2012 or 2013? And wasn’t it delayed even then to preserve the limestone cladding for reuse in the atrium? Mark Mariani can erect a 12,000 sq ft maxi pad in 9 months, Brunswick School built a huge indoor swimming pool in a year. It has taken two years to dig a foundation for the firehouse ??


    And, who can forget the First Selectman bringing to the RTM the half baked Central Fire Station project (hhmm similar to the Byram Pool) and summarily being rejected by the RTM….he had to go back to the drawing board with a fully baked project.

    And, what do you know, even with the revised plans—the fire station could not house GEMS as it was supposed to do. And, the cost increase just keeps rising.

    The Town has the WORST track record with building construction projects. Why? Because the Town heads worry about two things: 1) getting elected; and 2) getting RE-elected.

    I only wish that people who write on blogs would show up at RTM meetings and hearings to hear diverse opinion and thought.

    • Walt

      “Because the Town heads worry about two things: 1) getting elected; and 2) getting RE-elected”.

      AGREED!! This is why we need term limits at ALL LEVELS of government. A career politician is a sure fired recipe for corruption. DO YOU HEAR ME CHARLIE RANGEL? And Sheldon Silver? And Harry Reid? And Nancy Pelosi? They all sicken me. They no longer work for us, WE WORK FOR THEM!! It has to change.

      “I only wish that people who write on blogs would show up at RTM meetings and hearings to hear diverse opinion and thought”.

      I assume the meetings are at night? After the work day? Which would cut into my porn watching time, or prevent me from watching “Mob Wives”? AKA “Real Life Cos Cob Housewives”?

      That is asking a lot, so I don’t know about me actually going to these meetings. Plus I have to believe they are attended by a lot of stale smelling old folks, and self-important blue hairs. With names like Muffy Von Muffin, or Biff Winklevoss III, or Don Drew Marzullo. I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing, or sitting on my fart bag.

      Would it help if I wrote you some questions in advance? The Dude can ask them as long as you phonetically sound them out for him in advance. And it would help if he dresses in black face, so everyone is afraid to interrupt him.

      Ask these:
      What is the Town’s plans to ensure we spend our tax dollars wisely? And are there any initiatives under way to actually decrease spending but not cut services? WHY NOT??

      By any measure, we spend more per government employee than any other town. Why is that? And are you addressing it? HOW?

      Aren’t there programs we would be better served to privatize? Have you looked at it? SHOW ME!!

      Shouldn’t we just legalize marijuana, MARY JANE, doobies, spliffs, whacky weed, and just tax the snot out of it? I have dibs on the Fairfield County franchise rights. IT WAS MY IDEA!!

      How much in kickbacks on the Byram pool project are going to elected officials?

      Do the hookers living in the new GPD HQ’s charge them, or is it on the cuff? If it’s a freebie, do they pay taxes on it? They should.

      Why has government headcount gone up, while state population has gone down? YES OR NO!!

      When they are fixing the power lines, why do we need two GPD folks acting as flag wavers? Why doesn’t the utility have their guys do this?

      Why don’t they have Penthouse Mag’s at the library? Where are my taxes going?

      I have a lot more, but start with these.

      • AJ

        They may not have Penthouse Mag’s at the Library but way back in ’65 they had “Tropic of Cancer” and “Naked lunch.” They were seized from me as inappropriate reading material whilst reading one of them in study hall. Then I had to go Vice Principal’s office so he could tear me a new one. Plus, he was keeping my books, and no, I couldn’t have them back. The dirty little perv. He’d probably had already reserved a stall in the boy’s room, so he could do a little reading himself.

        Anyhow, I told him they weren’t my books and that he should take a look at the inside cover because they belonged to the Greenwich Library and that he should give them a call and explain why they weren’t getting their books back. Dumb shit. He started stuttering and sputtering, drooling all over himself as he sheepishly handed me back my books which, I promptly took back to study hall and started reading in front of that stupid bitch.

        But yeah, legal weed in Connecticut. Even though I don’t live there, good idea. It just got put in front of the Connecticut legislature. Call your state rep. Tell him you support legal recreational weed in CT. It just was legalized in Alaska, no tax on it, no restrictions on growing, transporting or giving the stuff away. Another win for Libertarianism. USA, USA, USA!

  17. Greenwich Gal

    It is time for a true professional. Time to hire a real, trained, town manager. These yahoos don’t know what they are doing.

    • Cos Cobber

      GG, this town of 62k can’t be run by these building committees – they don’t have the real power to control the process (run bids, design, budget, deal with issues on the fly which is standard when building), it’s a “mayor’s”job.

    • Mickster


  18. AJ

    For Walt:
    The Bulbulay Show — bound to be your new favorite. You can thank me later.

  19. pulled up in OG

    Check out Pic #4, the artist rendering. And have a bucket handy.

    • Riverslide

      At a glance, it is identical to the original building!

      I guess this one will have better ventilation and that will boost morale. At least I think that was one of the justifications — to the extent that they bothered to offer any.