Cos Cob sale

2 Gregory Road

2 Gregory Road

2 Gregory Road (corner of Valley), new construction, $2.075 on an asking price of $2.150 million. Four thousand square feet. Seems about right.


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42 responses to “Cos Cob sale

  1. Saline Dreamin'

    Terrible photos yet again.
    What’s with these people.?!?

    I know it sold, but come on!!
    Get a Nikon!

  2. Toonces

    Interesting – a lot of steps up to this house but it is not in a flood zone. Why build like that?

  3. Anonymous

    What school district is this in?

  4. AJ

    What’s with these people? Why, they’re from Cos Cob. So, where do you randomly pick 20,000 people and find every one of them to be dumb as a rock? Israel, apparently.

    “A 2010 Israeli study compared the IQ and smoking status of 20,000 young men.

    As the Daily Mail reported, the results were stark:

    * The average 18- to 21-year smoker had an IQ of 94, and the non-smoker had an IQ of 101.

    * Those who smoked more than a pack a day had an average IQ of 90.”


  5. Anonymous

    Cos Cob looks like the next town to catch the rise, albiet maybe not as high as Riverside / Old Greenwich…but this seems like good value given what you may spend in R/OG. This would be minimum $3m no?

    • Anonymous

      south of post road – probably would be 3 minimum. But the rooms are small in this house so maybe less than 3.

    • Anonymous

      This is about right.
      Cos Cob address
      NMS/EMS school
      But smaller than recent sale on Robin Lane: 2.3m/5000ft and OG address.
      In fact, I think Robin Lane was a steal
      Offer me that house today @ 2.3 again and you’ve got a deal!!

    • Old Eye

      Its only got 4 beds and 3.5 baths! You would never build that in ROG. $2.5m tops in ROG. 4.5 baths min.

  6. anonymouse

    Modular. Nice finishes though.

    • Toonces

      Nice privacy with this house too.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t stand the modulars
      They are not aging well

      • Anonymous

        Agree – why can’t builders build classic white colonials in Cos Cob, at least they are offensive to nobody.

        • Modulars can offer far sounder construction. Shutters and landscaping key to dress up.

        • Mid-Country Cos Cobber

          I shared your thoughts on modular; but i think they are offering better quality construction than stick builds these days. The issue with modulars is the design … you are much more limited.

          But; would you want a car built by the cheapest labor in someones yard or one built in a factory? And how are houses really any different?

          I could easily see stick build becoming less popular over time as modulars can offer higher quality at lower cost. But, who knows ….

        • Anonymous

          Nothing wrong with modulars, just the style of modulars that seem to be popular with builders in Cos Cob. They do manufacture modular in more classic designs.

  7. Anonymous

    our next house may very well be a well-assembled modular.

    the cost is compelling and there’s zero issue with respect to strength and build quality.

    tons and plans and styles out there. only limitation is one’s site.

  8. Once

    Modular side SPF lumber which has 80% of the strength of Doug fir. Stick built houses still tend to be built better than modulars. I’ve seen drywall taken off a wall of a modular that had a framing detail that would never have past muster with a Greenwich building inspector.

  9. anonymous

    I don’t mind modular at all, but this one lacks any charm.

  10. Accolay

    IMO if you have to ask about the schools, the house is located in a gray area that can become problematic if/when a redistricting occurs. Not a chance I’m willing to take, especially if it means my children going somewhere like JC or WMS.

    • Anonymous

      If there was a remote chance this would be redistricted to WMS, then there is the same chance a house in OG riverside would be too. Your fears are ridiculous in my opinion.

    • Saline Dreamin'

      its 25 min to WMS from this house.
      CMS sure thats’ a possibility…but WMS, come on now ACC

      • Toonces

        My kid has a good friend – went to Lebanon and WMS then GHS and is now at Yale. It can’t be that bad!

        • Accolay

          Didn’t mean this house would go to WMS, but saying that I wouldn’t risk any home in the buffer/transitional zones. Although I’m not 100% sure there won’t be district-wide bussing in the future, unfortunately.

        • It Depends

          What year at Yale?
          My neighbor across the street is a sophomore @ Yale
          NMS/EMS/GHS And Yale.

          • My neighbors across the street have one child at Princeton, via Riverside/EMS/GHS and I’m sure the other kids will do every bit as well. Of course, that’s because those neighbors are great parents, highly intelligent and very well educated – neither of them are “legacies”, by the way, just smart people who work hard.

          • Anonymous

            The admit rate for legacies is about 25% across the ivies. (Compared to 7-15% for general pool). That is because the kids whose parents are Ivy grads tend to be smarter than the average applicant.

          • Toonces

            He’s a freshman this year. Math/Philosophy major. Brilliant guy

        • Accolay

          Probably would’ve had a better time at GHS if he lived on the ‘right’ side of town. Just saying…

  11. Midcountry Momma

    We priced out a modular on our lot in Midcountry a little while ago as well as a stick built. There’s not really as big a difference in cost as I would have thought actually (stick built came out at 1.5M modular 1.25M) so clearly there’s a Greenwich Premium on modular as well. There’s a time advantage to doing the modular, but when we build we are likely to do stick built for three reasons, the modulars generally look much more boxy, design finishes are more limited so we’d need to do “after box” customization on site anyway to get the same finishes we’d want in kitchen and bathrooms, and the price difference will be more than made up in the resale.