Gotta love Greenwich

Alexa Moses

Alexa Moses

GHS student athlete Alexa Moses shoots a clutch, game winning 3-pointer in the last seconds and her team advances to the finals. That’s good news for the girls and their fans, but what I was struck by was Alexa’s discussion of the play with a reporter afterwards: “The shot presented itself and I knew I had to take it.”

As a non-athlete myself, Alexa’s diction impresses as much as her obvious poise and athletic ability. Most athletes I know would have used Tammany Hall’s George Plunkett’s phrase to describe what they’d done: “I seen my opportunity and I took it.”

” The shot presented itself” – fabulous. Go Alexa – good luck in the championship.


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16 responses to “Gotta love Greenwich

  1. Anonymous

    A good anecdote, Chris, and a small ray of hope for those grammarian/linguists among us! Greenwich Oldtimer

  2. Nutmegger

    We know Alexa and her family and she deserves this nice compliment. She is a great kid, very nice manners and helpful with the younger girls basketball in town. Proud of her great moment!

  3. Anonymous

    I knew I had to take it, vs. I took it. Past tense, Chris. Go GHS!
    some lovely posts today, btw

    • Past tense and passive voice are two separate things…
      Either way, congratulations to the GHS girl’s basketball team. I watched a sixth grade GBA playoff game last week- one girl in the league and she made the winning shot for the team that won the winner’s bracket!

  4. pulled up in OG

    GHS played Fairfield Warde High School last night and you dig up a two-year-old picture featuring a black girl from Brien McMahon High School.

  5. anonymous

    Wow, I feel so enlightened because (honestly!) I didn’t even notice that the other player was African-American. (Pulled Up in OG had to have been pulling your leg.)