More contracts reported

5 Pilot Rock

5 Pilot Rock

5 Pilot Rock Lane, Riverside, asking $3.095 million. I always liked this location and the house, and have discussed it several times as it sat on the market. It was also listed as land, which I understand, but the house is quite nice. Owners paid $3.175 million in 2003.

111 Parsonage Rd

111 Parsonage Rd

111 Parsonage, $1.250 million. A land sale, 1.6 acres in the R-1 zone indicates, at this price, a severely compromised lot. Wetlands? There’s a lot of that over here, but regardless, not a bad price for a building lot on Parsonage.


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21 responses to “More contracts reported

  1. Anonymous

    I looked at Pilot Rock in 2003 – a great location. The wife vetoed the place at the time saying she didn’t want to live in “backcountry” Riverside 🙂

  2. greenwich

    I looked at pilot rock recently and the kitchen was older than me! I agree the location is beautiful, but it’s a tear down !!!! I hope it’s not your listing lol!

    • I wish it were my listing, because I’d have just sold it. Tear-down is usually in the eye of the beholder. If you let a dated kitchen daunt you, when you could replace it for $50,000, then you’re looking for a new house. Good for you, but remember, houses depreciate, just like your Mercedes.

      • greenwich

        I stand corrected except a new kitchen is 100,000 not 50,000. The garage had water issues. Did you like the wood paneling circa 1970? The land was beautiful and the location was worth it. I read it wrong I thought it was still on the market . I drive a lexus – so there!

      • RivAve

        you are dreaming if you think a builder is going to drive into this gated community on the water in riverside and build you a new kitchen for anything less than 150k

        Maybe one of the day laborers from that monstrosity further down the road could do it for that price out of leftover materials but you still need appliances.

        • Green Demolitions will install a slightly used kitchen, including appliances, for that amount, or even less. The kitchens are donated by people who move in to a new (to them) house, look at a $200,000 kitchen and say, “nice, but this is not what I want”.

        • It Depends

          if you can spend 3m on the house, 150k is about right for the kitchen.

          • True, but I think ultimately this house will be valued for its land. If I were a homeowner with no desire to build new here, but rather wanted to live in the existing house for, say, 5 years, I’d be hesitant to put a whole lot of money into a kitchen. Green Demolitions will supply an almost-new kitchen: cabinets, counters and appliances, installed, for a fraction of the price of new. Pal Nancy and I found a $150,000 kitchen, removed from a house in Darien, for $15,000 – granite countertops, custom cabinets, Viking and Sub-Zero appliances included. The company had measured our existing kitchen and we were good to go until Sarah’s final tuition bill arrived. Somewhere in Stockton, the University of the Pacific has our new kitchen

        • It Depends

          Nice work Chris!
          Well done sir.

        • Anonymous

          i’ve been waiting for just the right kitchen layout fro g.d. for a year or so.

          awesome site.

  3. Guest

    Problem with Parsonage was a two bedroom septic that likely could not be expanded beyond two bedrooms unless the septic system failed. The two bedroom house had a design not to most people’s tastes and was in very bad shape. There was just a tiny piece of backyard, with a falling apart deck, and the rest of the backyard was swampy. The swampy area also extended to most of the non-driveway part of the house. Not much to work with there if you want to add a bedroom, let alone build a new house.

    • ShedLessToolMan

      Maybe parsonnage makes sense as a landlord rental investment? There are few rentals in the area and with schools and location you get a cheap ROI for the limitations of the house and lot.

  4. greenwich

    95 Oneida – what do you think?

  5. Accolay

    What are the chances the new house on Pilot Rock has 1500 steps like the one in OG from the other day?

  6. Anonymous

    Any thoughts on 48 Arcadia?