Paul Palmer, r.i.p.

Mr. Palmer to the rescue, 2013

Mr. Palmer to the rescue, January, 2014

“Mr. Palmer”, as I always called him, was one of the people I most respected growing up and continuing to this day. Here’s his obituary, reprinted below, but there was so very much more to his life, including sailing down Ole’s Creek with his grandfather to the oyster house (he once told me that, in those days, the deep-draft oyster boats kept the creek navigable, even at low tide), to watching the Sugar Boat burn off Tod’s point when he was a young boy, to, basically, just being a wise, wonderful, quiet man. A descendant of one of the first settlers in Old Greenwich, the town’s lost a treasure.

Palmer, Paul P.
Humble, modest, selfless, simple, honest, loyal and unpretentious. A man of his word and a man of few words and a hero many times over. Paul Pierson Palmer was loved by all. Faithful, loving husband, brother, father, grandfather and friend. Paul is recognized and respected by all he touched. He was [honored] for his service in the U.S. Navy for his bravery at Normandy, he served as Chief of the Old Greenwich Fire Department and a member for 60 plus years, was a dedicated [Lions]  Club member, as well as a 62 year member of the Masons Acacia Lodge #85, recognized as the oldest living CT Eagle Scout, not to mention his compassion and love of animals. As [recently] as last year he came to the rescue of two young boys who had fallen through the ice; not the first time he was noted to rescue others. Paul passed away after a short battle with cancer, at his home with family and loved ones, bravely and fearlessly as the man he was. Paul leaves behind a legacy of the utmost heartfelt values that his sons will carry on to the next generation of Palmers and others. Paul proudly leaves behind two sons, Timothy Paul and Richard Nelson, two grandsons, Robert Pierson and Timothy David, his twin sister, Dorothy Crocket, several nieces and his beloved friend, Joan Crossman, who brought love and hope to him. Paul was predeceased by his wife of 60 years, Phylis Heusted Palmer and his daughter Linda Lee Palmer. A Memorial service will be held on Monday March 3, 2015 at 2 pm at the First Congregational Church of Greenwich.


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9 responses to “Paul Palmer, r.i.p.

  1. Very classy post…but you meant opposite of exonerated re: Navy…right?

  2. anonymous

    The words that jump out to me are ‘humble modest selfless and simple.’ If every man lived as he, the world would be a far far better place.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a treasure.

  4. greenwich dude

    hard to do better than a long life, well lived

    tip of the hat to what sounds like a great gentleman… hope his kids keep the tradition alive

  5. greenwich

    RIP – a real class act! Chris – I really like when
    You give props to truly good people ! It speaks volumes about you 😃

  6. Anonymous

    Was Palmer Hill Rd. named after the family, or him? I also see the name Heusted in that article.

    Must be long time Greenwich family there.

    Sounds like a well respected man of exemplary character, and a life well lived.

    RIP, sir.

    • Palmer’s are/were everywhere in Greenwich (and all over the world – at least one was a whaler) and indeed, the Heusted girl he married was also from a 1640s (or so) family.