Billionaire Nancy Pelosi bewails the lack of funds for her fellow congressmen: “they’re living paycheck to paycheck”

The average net worth of Congress is about $1 million, the senate, $14 million. Of course, this is the same lady who said of the federal budget, “the cupboards are bare; there’s not a nickel left to cut”, so she obviously has a different view of money than the rest of us.


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25 responses to “Billionaire Nancy Pelosi bewails the lack of funds for her fellow congressmen: “they’re living paycheck to paycheck”

  1. Anonymous

    It’s easy to live paycheck to paycheck; Save nothing.

  2. something that makes no sense for someone who makes no sense:

  3. weakleyhollow

    Congressman have been crying about this for so long that my late grandmother, who died in 1979, had this to say: “If they’re so badly paid, why do so many people want to get in?” My thought is, if things are so tough for ’em, why do so many leave as millionaires, no matter how modest their circumstances when they arrive? Of course, Dame Nancy made her money the old fashioned way – she married it.

  4. Call I Like I See It

    Some real estate news. One hundred million in state tax credits used. I am not sure it helped us.

  5. james

    She is the anti-christ

  6. Guest

    Link is sort of misleading. Medians are more representative than averages.

    • Publius

      The link isn’t misleading because when you go to the story it indicates that the median (middle) net worth of Congress is $1,008,767. If that is your argument than you must then either be a government employee or a big fan of government, because arguing over a statistical function when both are large for “public servants” is a distraction from the issue and misses the point.

  7. Anonymous

    Creepy woman! Makes my skin crawl!

  8. Babylon Sister

    All pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others… keep forking over those tax revenues, little people!

    • AJ

      And yet There are people on this blog who will tell you that the $975 million spent was more than made up for by the taxes generated by this abuse of the people’s money.

      It never ends: here’s the latest mind f*ck from MSN —

      “Truth is subjective. One plus one equals three, the sky is green and the grass is blue, there are five lights.

      The dress is white and gold.

      The dress is blue and black.

      The dress in question was posted on Tumblr earlier today by user swiked, who noted that her friends were unable to agree from a picture whether the frilly number was white and gold, or blue and black. They were, in swiked’s words, “freaking the f*** out.” Discussion quickly leapt to Twitter. Some users quickly made up their minds, their reality locked in place by their first viewing.

      “it’s blue and black bye,” — Elizabeth Lopatto (@mslopatto) February 27, 2015

      Others saw the dress change in front of their eyes, from blue with black bands, to white with bands of gold. And some users, angry and confused by a world in which colors could change at will, invented elaborate explanations to cushion their mental falls [fails?]. . . .”

      The article then links to another that tells us that it’s all in your mind as to what colors you see. Bullshit! But at least that article shows us the dress in three different colors and it’s easy to see that the color shift — from looking at the photo’s background — is due to brightness, color saturation, contrast, etc., and even presents us with a Photoshop pixel analysis.

  9. Farrightwing

    Dittos Weakley Hollow, Babylon Sister, Crocodile tears from a real crocodile! This woman’s connections have enriched her husband of millions+!

  10. Artie

    Wait a minute – I think I’m calling bs on this one. Although I don’t like her one bit, she was talking about people who work at DHS not getting paid. She used a bad reference, but having a net worth of $1million is no great shakes Do you go to work for free? Then why would you think that people at DHS should? These people aren’t working in traditional “civil service” jobs. How long can you go without receiving a paycheck before it hurts?

    Include real estate, and so many people are worth $1 million, even after the recession (not I, of course).

    Who can afford to be a member of congress? Only people who are well off! Let’s not look down upon senators who have had successful careers, and then want to serve their country. It’s more than most of you are doing!

  11. Artie

    ” I don’t know about you, but I think just about everybody I know can not live without having their paycheck on time – members of Congress, even – and yet they’re asking this DHS people to do that.”

    That’s the entire quote – nothing about anyone “struggling paycheck to paycheck”, not a single word. I think you’re hearing what you want to hear.

    I agree that Harry Reid is a snake oil salesman who has violated the rules on various occasions. That doesn’t mean that everyone has. Regardless, they deserve to be paid if they do the work they are hired to do. I understand your dislike of the DHS, but a deal’s a deal, no?

    • AJ

      Bad deals enacted by edict as the result of false flag attacks, as in a deal is a deal? Karma in action?

    • “I think just about everybody I know can not live without having their paycheck on time – members of Congress, even”

      What part of that don’t you understand?

      • AJ

        I’ll tell you what part you don’t understand, CF, the left wing brain as described in this little gem of an excerpt of a piece of common core mind fuck from MSN that I posted above: Truth is subjective. One plus one equals three, the sky is green and the grass is blue . . .

        Once you buy that, you’ll buy anything — that is the goal.

    • Publius

      According the the US Census Bureau the median net worth of the US Household was $68,828 in 2011 (last year reported). I am not sure it has risen a lot from there unless you owned equities, home prices have not skyrocketed. I was not a math major, but I would posit that $1mm + is > $68,828 by a fairly wide margin.

      Here is the link. The excel spreadsheet is very good… What say you Artie?

  12. Artie

    I won’t check your math on that one! Lol. My point is that you need to be well off to run for office – I looked at the list of the top 50 wealthiest members of congress, and there were three categories of success (primarily) 1. the member inherited the money, 2. the member married into wealth 3. the member was successful in business prior to running for office. What do they all have in common? They are wealthy, of course.

    Chris, I’ll stand by my statement – you want to hear it how you hear it. Can most people live with short-term cash-flow interruptions in Congress? Yes. Can most people in the US? No. These people in the DHS are regular Joe’s – they need their pay to pay their mortgages, taxes, pay for their kids braces – just like everyone else.

    I’ve lived through a recent cash-flow problem and I don’t wish it on anyone. BTW – is there a good lawyer out there who’ll take an employment problem on via a contingency basis?