Dang, there goes Obama’s Job Corp program for the Middle East

Obama: "Terrorism springs from lack of opportunity and poverty"

Obama: “Terrorism springs from lack of opportunity and poverty”

“Jihadi John” identified 

The British Islamic State militant known as “Jihadi John” was identified Thursday as Mohammed Emwazi by a report in The Washington Post.

“Jihadi John” has appeared masked, but speaking with his British accent, in ISIS hostage-beheading videos, leading some who knew him before he left for Syria in 2012 to identify him to the newspaper.

The Guardian confirmed Emwazi’s identity as “Jihadi John,” and two US government sources confirmed the same to Reuters.

Emwazi, 27, was reportedly born in Kuwait. He was from a “well-to-do” family, lived in London, and was described as polite and stylish. He is also educated, with a degree in computer programming, according to the Post.

Emwazi occasionally prayed at a mosque and was known to adhere to his faith while he lived in London, but it wasn’t until he planned a post-college graduation safari trip to Tanzania that he started to radicalize, sources said.

So: No hardscrabble existence, no deprivation, a full education and access to well paying jobs. Is there anything Obama understands about Islamic terrorism and its roots? Either he doesn’t, which is scary, or he does and is deliberately lying to the American public, which is even scarier.



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11 responses to “Dang, there goes Obama’s Job Corp program for the Middle East

  1. Cos Cobber

    It seems to be the ‘educated’ ones are leading the ISIS charge.

  2. uminn65

    Once again, you nailed it. If Obama is that stupid, it’s pretty scary. But if he understands what he’s doing, it’s catastrophic.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    “Terrorism springs from lack of opportunity and poverty”

    What’s astonishing, at least to me – is that it’s the allegedly “educated” Americans who actually believe that ludicrous swill.

    OBL was a very rich Sa’udi. Ayman Al-Zawahiri is a middle-class Egyptian MD. Mohammed Atta – Middle Class Egyptian Engineer. Poverty was not an issue for these men at all. Nor was it for Ernesto Guevarra – Upper Middle Class Argentinian MD or Fidel Castro for that matter who was The illegitimate son of a wealthy farmer who studied law at the University of Havana. Sounds more like a bunch of narcissistic brats who didn’t get what they wanted when they demanded it, so they decided to unleash their rage on a whole lot of others for the sheer hedonism of it all.

  4. weakleyhollow

    Sounds like the 9-11 hijacker profile, but if the liberal chorus sez it’s root causes, it must be root causes.

  5. Cobra

    Joe Bite Me’s position on jobs as the remedy for radicalization:

  6. Time has come to act

    I am fully in favor of putting our military on the ground NOW to crush ISIS as quickly as possible before they get more dangerous weapons or are able to successfully pull of terror attacks in the US.

    yesterday’s headline was 3 people were arrested for trying to join ISIS? I’ll bet 3000 were successful! Only a matter of time before ISIS operatives pull off attacks on US soil.

    Mind-boggling that our leaders treat this as some far-off, long-term threat that can’t be addressed.

    In theory it should be easy to find plenty of countries willing to join us in this effort, but it will take too long to pull that together.

  7. Publius

    Kuwaiti’s don’t work, neither do the natives in other Middle East countries. It is all immigrant labor. Jihadi John is the Middle Eastern version of the millennial crowd here at home; comfortable circumstances (ditto JJ), radicalized in our higher ed system (mosque or online for JJ), college degree ( fluffery here CS for JJ)), no work in the private sector (ditto). The difference is that in the US we have a large and ever growing public sector that provides these young idealists with the venue to practice jihad on their fellow Americans.

    The solution is to re create the American public sector in the Middle East so that all these young natives have a place to go every day, they get paid a comfortable salary, they never get fired and get to surf porn sites all day before heading to the Mosque.When you have a monarchy, there is no room to adsorb all these idle future terrorists in the womb of Big Government…..

  8. Anonymous

    Obama seems to have his political priorities set—getting a deal with Iran, regardless of how many long-standing allies like Israel get thrown under the bus; letting in as many illegals as want to come; and grandstanding with people like Al Sharpton, to make it look like he’s interested in minority issues, when he has done almost nothing to solve real ones. Everything else, including ISIS seems to be an annoyance.