(Another) price cut on Round Hill Road

297 Round Hill Road

297 Round Hill Road

297 Round Hill Road, now down to $4.750. This was, and still is, a unique house, and was really pretty cool when it sold for $5.7 million in 2006. Those buyers tried selling it two years later, unchanged, for $7.250, and finally settled for a 19% haircut in 2010, selling it for $5,212,500. And then those buyers “renovated it” and placed it back on the market in 2010 for $5.699 million; it’s been pretty much on the market ever since, with various price cuts over the years, down to today’s $4.750.

It remains a good house, but the reaction of many agents back in 2010 was that the renovations had reduced, not enhanced its appeal, and judging from its lengthy stay on the market, buyers seem to agree. Still, at a million less than that 2006 price, it seems that the owners have paid penance for their ill-advised changes, and this should be a pretty good buy today.


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6 responses to “(Another) price cut on Round Hill Road

  1. Marisa Ervin-Neckles

    Yet another ogilvy listing I believe!

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  2. Mike

    This home is weird architecture as well as close to the Merritt. 4 acres on the Merritt just sold at 294 RHR for 2 mil. That lot was on the the parkway I mean right on the parkway. After renovations of which are underway now they will be into the home for 4 mil. Your not going to get a house on Round Hill for 4 mil south or north for 4 mil thats any good.

  3. Anonymous

    Like this place. Some of the renovations are good, some aren’t. But quite charming.

  4. Anonymous

    I think these sellers are on their 4th broker!!

  5. Toonces

    There is a room with bog boulders in the corner. Interesting – does anyone know why it is there?