Greenwich Time strikes again

So, where was patrolman Stewart when we needed him?

So, where was patrolman Stewart when we needed him?

Following in the slipstream of those hawks that were sited, not sighted, in town, Greenwich Time now reports on the retirement of police officer  David Stewart, whose duties included, they report, participation in “dignity protection”:

As a Patrol Officer, he was recognized for his team efforts in narcotics investigations, the apprehension of burglary suspects, and his professionalism during Dignity Protection Details.

It took me a minute to figure that one out: gay pride marches, perhaps? I suspect they mean “dignitary”, not dignity, but then again, who knows?


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4 responses to “Greenwich Time strikes again

  1. dogwalker

    I hesitate to mention this . . . since I get no pleasure from letting the GT off the hook . . . but, in fairness, that seems to have come verbatim from the GPD “press release” (or whatever it might be called).

    I was thinking it might have entailed pulling down an old ladies skirt when they slipped on the ice, or something like that.

    But the important thing is the Dave is a great guy who has served us well. Congratulations to him!

    • Then at least a bracketed “[sic]”, to let us know that there is still an editor at GT. But yes, of course I wasn’t saying anything disparaging at all about the retiring officer. I do, however, love your idea that the dignity protection unit’s role is to pull down the skirts of fallen women.