I take it back: sometimes staging can work



After 923 days on the market, 10 Stepping Stone Lane reports a contract. When I first saw this house back in 2012, it was priced at $1.825 million and a wreck.  I felt truly sorry for the listing agent, a good friend of mine (and I told her so – she asked). It looks as though, finally, it was cleaned up, staged and lowered in price (to $1.650). Stepping Stone’s a decent street, and now the house seems to match that, so good for my friend; owners can be stubborn, and reluctant to put more money into a house they no longer want, even if it will help them get rid it.


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12 responses to “I take it back: sometimes staging can work

  1. Seems like a good amount of space for the money. The outside yard looks rather tranquil and nice.
    One of the bathrooms contains an outdated tongue twister “bad beige bidet”
    I am not sure where the staging is here. The brown paneling in the office needs to be painted or come down ASAP. Same issues with kitchen, black countertops and appliances seem to turn off a large pool of unimaginative buyers.
    Some small updates can make this place really wonderful.
    The GC’s must be busy these days. Especially with such low inventory for builders to create spec homes. There are so many project like this to keep contractors busy that I really do find them to be charging above normal rates. Moreover, as price values go up even in Cos Cob – the labor rates will go up as well (enjoy the Greenwich premium). Everyone from snow plow, landscape, carpentry, plumbing, locksmith,etc all think if you live in Greenwich they can gladly tack on a premium and you do not care. Another indirect wealth transfer. It gets tiring getting 3 estimates/bids on everything just to keep people honest. I call it price gouging but, they call it the “Greenwich Premium.” I suspect this premium must be larger is Belle Haven or OG. Byram might be exempt and they are getting a pool. Make me feel like a chump here.

  2. Toonces

    I don’t see any staging here – maybe the staging was done after these pictures were taken?

  3. Miss Priss

    It’s definitely staged. There’s lots of brown furnishings, karate chopped pillows and safe, beige textiles. Too bad they went with traditional furnishings… it’s a contemporary/modern home. Perhaps there would have been more interest if it was stage a little more in-sync with the architecture.

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion, it would have been better to show the house completely unfurnished; in this case the potential buyer’s imagined furnishings would very likely be more appealing than the “staged” scenarios. Those matching wing chairs in the living room would have queered the deal for me from the get-go. Greenwich Oldtimer

    • Believe me, compared to its original condition, this place was staged. and although the furniture seems incongruous with the home’s design, at least it sold.

      • Toonces

        Maybe the stager went with traditional so that buyers could see that could work in these spaces. Looks like rental furniture to me though.

  4. Accolay

    I always thought contemporaries were depressing, but contemps with traditional furniture is a whole different ballgame now! Give me a classic home any day of the week.

  5. Guest

    Curb appeal is a big issue. Otherwise, seems a very pretty house inside and in a very good area. A lot of very nice house for the money because the exterior is ugly duckling. The buyers got a good buy, it looks like.

  6. tom

    The house was hideous and the land even worse. The backyard was a swamp and not even the most creative architect could fix the design and look of the house – and I like modern homes and am forgiving to a lot of design flaws. Think the house will sell in the range of $1.45 MM (and given the quality of the land and house), the buyer did well.

  7. Hsri07

    Agreed with Tom, we like contemporaries and saw this twice and couldn’t get there. Ok interior but so so layout, horrendous exterior, all swamp. Can’t even gut it and rebuild because of the property.