The sky is falling – or freezing, anyway

Don't they know, it's the ennnd of the world ... 1934

Don’t they know, it’s the ennnd of the world … 1934

Global warming brings NYC temperatures this month to their lowest level since 1934. “1934 marked the highpoint of horse-drawn traffic”, Chief Global Warming Priest Albert Gore explained to FWIW. “And though now, thank Gaia, we’ve gotten rid of all of them except a few in Central Park, which my friend and ally Bill DeBlasio is eliminating, we’ve replaced horse manure and methane with the evil fumes of gasoline. Oh, woe is us!”


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11 responses to “The sky is falling – or freezing, anyway

  1. Publius

    Not to worry, the Big Apple can replace the horse drawn carriage with pre-owned electric cars. They are given’ em away!!!

  2. ’34 Dust Bowl due to seismic activity.
    Solution then more government.
    Solution now…realize the Pork Bowl needs to be broken, staring here….as in leak in pool….fix.
    Don’t buy an 11million dollar Pork Bowl kitchen product.
    We need to take over the kitchen.
    We are not swimming in money.
    We need people with a proud sense of place not bleeding heart dependent taxaholics.

  3. AJ

    The reason for record sea ice in Antarctica — not the Arctic which also has record sea ice — is the record loss of land ice; so say global warming proponents.

    ‘NOAA: Record Antarctic Sea Ice Growth Linked To Its Staggering Loss Of Land Ice’

    But not so fast:
    “It’s difficult to say anything for sure about Antarctica because the weather is so variable. Bumper snow one year, not so much the next. (Noise and uncertainty is large). But 800 years of ice cores spread across Antarctica shows the Surface Mass Balance (SMB) is more likely to have been increasing over the last century. (Which fits with what Zwally et al found in 2012 with ICESAT satellite data).
    . . .
    A paper published today in The Cryosphere finds Antarctica has been gaining surface ice and snow accumulation over the past 150+ years, and finds acceleration in some areas noting, “a clear increase in accumulation of more than 10% has occurred in high Surface Mass Balance coastal regions and over the highest part of the East Antarctic ice divide since the 1960s.” . . .”

  4. Matt

    Off topic – Is McKenzie’s in Old Greenwich closing or not? I hope not, not that I am a frequent customer. Just a couple times a year with my parents, it’s the only place in town they will eat at.

  5. Anonymous

    MacKenzie’s had a good long run, but it’s either due for a major renovation or a new restaurant. Too much space. Mediocre food.

  6. Peg

    So I got an email yesterday from my lefty nuts. They are SERIOUSLY arguing that very cold temperatures are a major sign of global warming.


    Does this mean if Earth really warms up, we could all freeze to death? Talk about double-speak!

    • It’s because we’re on the cusp of a paradigm shift. The current paradigm is that the earth is in a state of global warming. Like any “scientific consensus” its defenders struggle to defend it, even as the evidence against it: 17-year pause in warming, for instance, completely unpredicted by their exact, infallible computer models, blizzards, cold snaps (both just weather, but never mind) with ever-more-convoluted theories to encompass and explain it. Ten years from now, we’ll look back at these people and laugh

      • Peg

        Chris – I’m laughing already.

        What boggles MY imagination is that so many (purportedly) semi-intelligent people have brainwashed themselves so, they believe their own drivel.