We should take them at their word

Smart Diplomacy™

Smart Diplomacy™

White House: “Policy success” led to 150 muslim terrorists being released to join ISIS.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday that up to 150 Muslims in America have joined, or have tried to join, ISIS in northern Syria, amid an intensive government-backed anti-radicalization campaign by U.S.-based Muslim groups.

The campaign “has been a successful, fruitful partnership that has protected the American people, including American Muslims,” he claimed.

The Daily Caller asked Earnest to explain how the attempted or successful effort by up to 150 U.S.-based Muslims to join the Islamic States is compatible with his claim of a successful anti-radicalization campaign.

“Check with Homeland Security on that,” Earnest replied.

Earnest did not say what an unsuccessful partnership would have accomplished.

When they say their policy was  success, they mean it; how come so many don’t recognize that?


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2 responses to “We should take them at their word

  1. anonymous

    If the WH says 150 it’s really 1500. No way no how is the number “only” 150.