Why can’t we stop this project?

BET approves Byram pool. I don’t know of any widespread support for this expenditure among Greenwich taxpayers, yet it just keeps going and going. Can the RTM strike single items from the budget, or must it vote on the entire budget, up or down? If the former, there’s still a chance. Otherwise, Music Palace redux.


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  1. Farrightwing

    To understand Woodward you need to read Silent Coup by Colodny and Gettelin. Woodward was a player for the Radford Spy Ring which was reporting on Nixon Admin back channel negotiations to the JCS. Woodward was a Naval Officer in charge of briefing top level Nixon Adminstration people. Obama makes Nixon look good by comparison.

  2. RTM member

    Absolutely, one single item can be deleted (or reduced) from the budget. In fact, that is raison d’etre of the RTM!

    Here are your RTM members to contact and make your wishes known:


  3. Cos Cobber

    I’m really surprised how this project has moved along. I don’t get it at all. And there is nothing prudent about how they are proceeding. No operations plan, no serious questions about the cost, no debate about what else the town should be doing instead $10m in cap ex expenditures. At the very least, the operations of this pool should be from a third party. We cannot let the parks department run it.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      But it is business as usual for how this town does these projects. No real planning, no critical analysis such as you suggest, no reassessment at critical milestones, just happy talk. And they send us the bill….

  4. TheBox in 'Byram'

    Why the fuss? As the Democrats in the article said, we can just borrow the money!

    Seriously, I have yet to hear any discussion on what has been brought up here time and time again: how much is it going to cost to staff and maintain this thing?!?

    I need to study how they did this though, I have my own pet project I’d love to get funded at a fraction of the cost of the Byram money pit.

    I once chatted with a BET member about getting some improvements to the run-down mud hole that is our dog park. His response was “nobody uses it.” Go any day when it’s above 25 degrees in the winter between 3:30 and 5PM and there are at least a half dozen people there, in the spring, summer and fall far more. It’s a great place to meet neighbors and chat while the dogs play – but often it is overgrown and filthy, the fence is broken, the stairs are treacherous and now some drunk in a Jeep knocked down the hand rail so there are boards with nails in them scattered about.

    Seems likely if they can’t even maintain a field with some fencing around it – one that’s used by a good number of people year round – the prospect of keeping up a $15mm pool complex year after year is not great.

    • Or Binney Park or Brice Park or our playing fields or or or. Lunatics are running the asylum, on our dime. If we really have $11 million to spend on our recreational facilities, then let’s restore our present parks, and maintain them, before creating a new liability.

      • TheBox in 'Byram'

        Some of my neighbors went to ask if they could help with invasive control / trail maintenance at our local park and were turned down and warned not to use chainsaws on public land – so they went back there with machetes instead and they’ve been doing a pretty good job of maintaining the paths (except where trees fell since they can’t use saws – and as I’ve said here before, unless one falls on a ball field, the town’s solution seems to be only to mow around them).

        How did the last big park project in Cos Cob go (the power station) – still not open, right? Is it over budget?

      • Anonymous

        I want to say this is shocking but sadly it is not. Given how the music hall and the firehouse are getting done this is really scary news.

    • Anonymous

      Another Fox Butterfieldism. Once CF called the to my attention to them I started seeing them everywhere:

      I once chatted with a BET member about getting some improvements to the run-down mud hole that is our dog park. His response was “nobody uses it.”

    • Can’t even blame the democrats for this one

  5. Anonymous

    Chris, our Town leaders only like funding NEW projects…..not fixing up the old, existing.


  6. Chimney

    I stand by my last opinion- $15m by the time the first PC
    kid hits the water. But, maybe the junior league will make
    up the extra $9m difference.

  7. Greenwich Taxpayer

    The sad part is that although the RTM can kill the project they likely won’t because the Junior League and Jim Lash will be out in force, similar to PTAC and MISA and the RTM doesn’t have the guts to go against them to cut the project. It is totally amazing that this project went through the BET when only 30% of the cost of the project is known. Mary Lee Kiernan, Jeff Ramer, Bill Drake and Mike Mason of the BET have led the charge (by the way, isn’t Mary Lee Kiernan a Junior League member???) because they don’t want to tick off the Junior League and the $2.5 million that they haven’t even raised yet. I say let them raise the entire $25 million this think will cost (that’s not a typo) and let them build it and maintain it and staff it. Enough already. This should not go through. But it will.