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I missed this earlier

Play land's pool, 5 minutes from Byram

Playland’s pool, 5 minutes from Byram

Jim Lash has written in support of his wife’s current pet project, the Byram Pool. I’m disappointed to learn that because, until now, I thought the man was a champion of  careful stewardship of the taxpayer dollar, and hadn’t realized that he’d sell us out for domestic peace.

But here’s what I just noticed, buried in his opinion piece:

[T] he project has been developed and partially funded by the Junior League in an effort co-chaired this year by Sue Rogers and [my wife] Debby Lash…. The league has contributed $40,000 to architectural and engineering design costs and is considering a capital campaign to raise $2.5 million as part of a public-private partnership to fund the project

So there is no Junior League funding for this folly, nor is there a commitment to any; they might try a fund raiser, they might not, and they’re silent on any sort of guarantee that any particular amount will be raised, if any at all. They come up with a do-good idea, we get to pay for it.

If the good ladies of the Junior League think the poor of this town should have a new pool, I suggest they back their compassion with full funding. The project’s estimated cost has already climbed from $7 million to $13 million before anyone’s even settled on a design, let alone broken ground, so it’s an easy prediction that the $13 will double again. From what I understand of the membership of the League, they, or their husbands, like Jim Lash, can easily afford to pay that tab.

And if they aren’t willing to, why should taxpayers be forced to support their good intentions?


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Isn’t this the woman who just this week was blaming sex discrimination for her failure to get paid more?

Patricia Arquette thinks gender discrimination is holding down her salary. Patricia Arquette, as seen yesterday, is delusional.

Does this muffin top make me look fat?

Does this muffin top make me look fat?



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The breakdown of civilization

Arizona woman concocts phony abduction story to hide that she was merely too lazy to plan her boyfriend’s birthday party.

dutiful wifeSuch a sad decline from the ’50s, when women were taught how to properly treat their more-significant others.

‘I love my husband, and we have a charming home and three wonderful children. But it is all spoilt for me because I do so hate bedtime and all it implies,’ was the start of one letter sent to the Woman’s Own agony aunt, Leonora Eyles. It was typical, said Eyles, of 60 per cent of the letters in her daily postbag.

Never talk cleverly to men — they’re terrified of brainy women

She advised the mother-of-three to build up a sense of gratitude to her husband for working hard and bringing in the money — by telling herself: ‘He is doing this for us, to keep going this home we share, to buy things for me, to pay our rent, to give me treats . . . I love him so much!’

In other words, sex was a transaction. The man got what he wanted. The woman got a roof over her head.

With newly-weds, Eyles took a briskly sympathetic attitude.

Sex problems, she said, could usually be solved with a bit of home decorating.

Couples who got down to papering and painting ‘their nest’ would discover that physical activity made all the difference. ‘Night will approach and a happy mating with it,’ she promised.


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He smelled something fishy

Canadian lobsterman who forged $100 bills on paper table napkins busted after store clerk caught on.


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