Isn’t this the woman who just this week was blaming sex discrimination for her failure to get paid more?

Patricia Arquette thinks gender discrimination is holding down her salary. Patricia Arquette, as seen yesterday, is delusional.

Does this muffin top make me look fat?

Does this muffin top make me look fat?



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29 responses to “Isn’t this the woman who just this week was blaming sex discrimination for her failure to get paid more?

  1. Anonymous

    I see that look in the Whole Foods parking lot all the time.

  2. LAK

    Did you see her interview on the red carpet? She was slurring her words.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    OMG…. [acccckkkkkk] More effective than a finger down the throat that.

  4. Pinzgauer

    Come on, be nice. The poor woman DOES need a raise.
    At first I thought it’s some kind of belt, but upon enlarging the picture I could see the jeans are actually open and too small to be pulled up.
    She clearly needs more money to buy jeans that fit.
    I hope you all feel bad now.

  5. It Depends

    I just threw up.

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    The greatest invention of all time? It isn’t the wheel, it isn’t the personal computer, it isn’t the polio vaccine.


    She has a spectacular rack, and when this chick is dolled up, you would ruv her wrong time, even though she isn’t a Jap. I mean Asian, I have no idea if she is a Jew. But it’s Hollywood, and they control that, so probably.

    The problem is. THE PROBLEM IS!! After spending the night, you probably hope you don’t wake up.

    Your Pal,

  7. anonymous

    I bet the SuperModels of the world who make multimillions a month wearing next to nothing because of their hot bodies don’t cry gender discrimination.

    Arquette is just jealous that no one can tell she is female. Or is she really her brother who was once her sister?

  8. she should’ve listened to her grandfather (tho’ methinks Alexis did):

  9. Toonces

    That is a real photo? She is walking around with low rise pants UNZIPPED?? (I mean, at least mom jeans unzipped would not be SO LOW). She must be losing it

  10. anonymous

    A good harpooning might be in order.

  11. Anonymous

    Ok,ok bad pix for Patty. I disagree with the article linked. I have seen for years woman receiving 20 to 30 % less than men on wall street to this day. And this is not theory… based on actual comp data. So have fun. But the woman makes a valid point.

    • anonymous

      Most of those women you are referencing would not have even been hired were it not for affirmative action. They are really more of a nuisance than anything and generally add no value. They are already over paid as it is. Patty can not handle the truth (or the cupcakes).

    • Toonces

      All of the studies that conclude that women make 72% what men make (or some such figure) are FLAWED. Actually they are total lies. They compare all of the jobs done by women with all of the ones done by men and guess what? Women choose to have children and to do jobs that require shorter work weeks. IN GENERAL! This isn’t true for all women but on average they choose professions and jobs that pay less. You can’t compare a woman working a 35 hour week to a man working 60 and complain she is underpaid.

  12. housecat

    Either she stole those jeans from a 12 year old kid, or that is the most humiliating Walk of Shame ever.

  13. Anonymous

    My sample set are women who afe
    1) often primary bread winner at home
    2) have children and work without breaks other than 3 mos maternity
    3) generally more educated and higher performers based on annual reviews than men
    And still make significantly less….at glibal banks. No affirmative action. Speak with facts rather than bullshit rants and i may listen.

  14. Anonymous

    …and to be clear these are woman hired over the last 15 years, and at all ranks from associate to Managing Director.

  15. Anonymous

    …. My observations as a manager sitting on compensation and performance review committees. So i know the people, the roles and relative performance to peers…and actual compensation.

    • anonymous

      The decline of America occurred at exactly the moment affirmative action and political correctness became the new normal. Do you think this is just a coincidence? And let not forget the public sector with Pelosi, Palin, Boxer,etc. They are right at the trough with the rest of the pigs. That is what happens when you dismantle a merit based society. It has all gone to hell in a handbasket!

  16. Al Dente

    She looks like a fat Bruce Jenner.

  17. Have seen it in Wall Street for over 25 years. It exists.

    The fact that this picture is horrendous is moot.

  18. My rant

    Classic liberal b.s., where considering the negative consequences of proposed changes requires too much thinking, and they can’t be troubled, or simply don’t get it. For instance, what are the consequences to society when men become less important to women? Aren’t our jails crowded enough?

  19. Anonymous

    Well that photo isn’t exactly flattering now is it?

    Good thing her pay inequality can support downing about 70 grams of sugar, which is about what’s in that bottle of Orangina.