The breakdown of civilization

Arizona woman concocts phony abduction story to hide that she was merely too lazy to plan her boyfriend’s birthday party.

dutiful wifeSuch a sad decline from the ’50s, when women were taught how to properly treat their more-significant others.

‘I love my husband, and we have a charming home and three wonderful children. But it is all spoilt for me because I do so hate bedtime and all it implies,’ was the start of one letter sent to the Woman’s Own agony aunt, Leonora Eyles. It was typical, said Eyles, of 60 per cent of the letters in her daily postbag.

Never talk cleverly to men — they’re terrified of brainy women

She advised the mother-of-three to build up a sense of gratitude to her husband for working hard and bringing in the money — by telling herself: ‘He is doing this for us, to keep going this home we share, to buy things for me, to pay our rent, to give me treats . . . I love him so much!’

In other words, sex was a transaction. The man got what he wanted. The woman got a roof over her head.

With newly-weds, Eyles took a briskly sympathetic attitude.

Sex problems, she said, could usually be solved with a bit of home decorating.

Couples who got down to papering and painting ‘their nest’ would discover that physical activity made all the difference. ‘Night will approach and a happy mating with it,’ she promised.


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3 responses to “The breakdown of civilization

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    I tried so hard not to comment on this post. I really did. But I am a weak little man. Do you want to know how I see this? OF COURSE YOU DO!!

    Before Woman’s Liberation – LIBERATION FROM WHAT I MIGHT ADD!! – a reasonably nice looking woman, maybe a little chubby, but not a real porker, had a reasonably high probability of living a very nice, middle class life. And there was nothing wrong with that.

    The hotties, with the deep green eyes, nice red lips, a spectacular rack, and a bubble ass, who were dumb as a brick, could rule the world. AND THEY SHOULD!! Uhhhhh…Can you give me a minute? BACK!!

    Anyhows, so in the 1960’s, the smart, fugly chicks, started to revolt. Hating men for admiring beauty. WHAT DID WE DO? If someone offers you a Rembrandt or an Elvis on Velvet, what are you going to pick? THAT MAKES US CHAUVANISTS? NO!! That makes us smart!!

    So the fugly chicks want to be treated the same as the hotties. This will never happen, but we need to pretend it is true to make the Libtards happy.

    So what happed? Very little. The rich guys still marry the hotties. They put some fugly chicks on TV, and force us to watch them as punishment. Everyone is scared to be honest because of political correctness, and we pretend we are all the same, when we aren’t.

    I will gladly be a stay at home Dad for Steph. Be her little BITCH!! Have ZERO aspirations other than to make her happy, and let her sit on my face. That is enough of a career goal for me.

    What are your aspirations Dude?
    Your Pal,