Price cuts

30 Old Stone Bridge

30 Old Stone Bridge

30 Old Stone Bridge, now $1.4 million. No yard, and a bit dated, but $1.4 for this neighborhood sounds appealing. The owner paid $1.550 for it in 2006 but then, that was 2006.

634 North Street

634 North Street

634 North Street, now $7.499. The builder/owner hasn’t been able to move this thing since he erected it in 2009. Perhaps that’s because of its unconventional styling, perhaps it’s because it enjoys the Merritt Parkway as its backyard neighbor, or maybe it’s the price.

Or a combination of the three.

5 Randolph Place

5 Randolph Place

5 Randolph Place, $950,000. Old, small (1,344 sq.ft), but decent neighborhood, and there’s a lot of FAR left to expand.


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25 responses to “Price cuts

  1. dogwalker

    “Unconventional styling”? Hummmm, such understatement is so uncharacteristic. Are you okay?

  2. Anonymous

    How long has Randolph been on the market? A 2.5% price reduction is hardly going to make people jump. Assessed for <$500k.

    • It’s been on since early November and no, I don’t think knocking $25,000 off the price is going to sway many buyers.

      • Anonymous

        Let’s play guess that price – I say it sells for $750k…then again bulls are running wild these days so I may be surprised.

        • That sounds about right. If so,look for this to remain on the market for quite a while.

        • Cos Cobber

          Randolph could be a great house if your rip down the siding, redo floors, , expand the kitchen and add some sq footage. So, yeah, there is a bunch to do – but it could be fun to build this out in Queen Anne style.

          Post renovation, if you can be all in for 1.5 – you’ll be fine. Seems to me, that pushes this towards mid 700s pricing.

        • anonymous

          Agree with CC about Randolph. The interior for the most part is move in ready, meaning there’s nothing one HAS to do, only what one can afford to do as there is money. Even the exterior painting. Of the three, Randolph gets my vote.

  3. Anonymous

    Is 5 Randolph in the flood zone??

  4. Anonymous

    The problem with Stone Bridge is you don’t have many options for the house given the ledge and wetlands. Best you can do is a reno job and even then you may have difficulty finding a septic reserve from the looks of it…

  5. Anonymous

    Isn’t Randolph place is in a flood zone? Good neighborhood…walking distance to almost everything.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, both house and garage are in the flood zone

      • The real question, though, is what is the elevation? Listing doesn’t show it. If the structure’s above the minimum required, then no worries about adding on rebuilding, whatever. If not, then there’ll be issues. Not necessarily unresolvable issues, but significant enough to further drop the value.
        Listing agents for properties in flood zones ought to provide elevation certificates along with the listing. Buyers will demand one before making an offer, so the owner should pay the $450 or so that one costs, and speed up the process of receiving bids.

        • Anonymous

          First floor above the base flood elevation is only part of it, no basement and no mechanical equipment below base flood are allowed. House will probably fall under the substantial improvement 50% rule.

  6. rivman

    Stonebridge looks like more work done on the grounds and exterior than the interior. Looks dark. I did think Disneyland with North St. too.

  7. 11 suburban …100feet up the road is on for $1,350k ,2400sf and I believe fairly active. If Randolph goes for $750k and u build a basic 3000sf house for say $700….modular….that’s a pretty good deal.

  8. Anonymous

    634 kind of reminds me of Salvatore’s, a popular restaurant in Buffalo NY: