Fatal, blind obedience

Don't GPS, think

Don’t GPS, think

Wife burns to death after husband follows GPS off a missing bridge.  This guy not only obeyed the voice in his GPS, he made extraordinary efforts to do so. The picture to the left is one of the actual barricades he went around.

The deadly crash took place at around 9.30am at the Riley Road exit on southbound Cline Avenue. The ramp has been closed since 2009.

Investigators suspect the 64-year-old motorist was following GPS directions when he bypassed several barricades blocking the road and ultimately drove his 2014 Nissan Sentra off the bridge.

The Cline Avenue bridge was erected in 1982. During construction, the span collapsed, killing 14 workers. It was closed to traffic in 2009 and was condemned by the Department of Transportation the following year.



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10 responses to “Fatal, blind obedience

  1. anonymous

    Who’s to say he wasn’t trying to off his wife? Pretty clever, if that was his goal. Note: He walked away from accident. Calling Lenny Briscoe….

  2. John M

    Don’t automakers sell map updates to prevent instances such as this? In any case, the GPS in a 2014 model year car should know that a bridge was closed four or five years before the car rolled off the assembly line.

  3. AJ

    Wait ’till self driving cars are imposed on everyone and central control decides to suicide you and steal all your stuff. But talk about driving off a bridge, how about fighting a proxy war against yourself — brilliant.

  4. Anonymous

    He was training to become a Lufthansa pilot.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    That GPS concept worked better than a cruise for sure.