It took eight years, but Ogilvy’s found a buyer

33 Twin Lakes

33 Twin Lakes

He listed 33 Twin Lakes (Gilliam Lane South) back in 2007 for $8.2 million, an aggressive price even then, and the property’s been on and off the market ever since, at a gradually diminishing price. A year ago he dropped it to $5.6, and there’s  a contract reported on it today.

Given the lengthy time spent on the market even at this last price, I doubt the selling price will be close to it. Then again, it’s Riverside, so who knows?


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  1. Anonymous


  2. Beautiful view, but curious as to why the street name was changed.

    • In the early 60s, a guy named Jack Broad bought the original estate down there and tried to carve it up into 25 lots (or something like that). It was rezoned to 1-acre, he settled for 7 houses, and renamed the area “Twin Lakes”. It does have two brackish ponds so, in Realtorese, that makes twin lakes.

      • AJ

        They are not brackish but pure salt water and may be harboring great whites, devil fish, deadly jellies, happy clams, and slimy eels. No need to worry about piranha though.

        The hideousness looks to be mostly in the decorating and could probably be easily be fixed. I’d say not a bad price considering some people have paid five million to live on Riverside Ave. and Marks Rd.

      • how often does the view involve mud? i assume the original estate is there, cheek-by-jowl, on the right (must have been a much nicer piece of property, pre-development)

      • AJ

        There are similar salt ponds at the end of Mortimer. When I was a kid there was an old guy who used to catch killifish in a minnow trap there then use them to catch eels off the end of Edgewater Drive from a nice little Penn Yan rowboat that he had.

        The pond at the end of Mortimer Dr:

  3. Anonymous

    I guess persistence pays off for the seller…

  4. Anonymous

    Is this the Sugar Daddy’s house?

  5. Anonymous

    I honestly didn’t even know Ogilvy crossed the Mianus.

  6. Anonymous

    Nothing says class like beige stucco.

    • AJ

      You could always cover it with fake stone veneer, like pretty much the way all of the modern ‘stone’ houses are constructed. I myself like no muss, no fuss, no maintenance, vinyl siding with aluminum soffits and fascia — just set it and forget it.

  7. Anonymous

    Do you think this will hit the dumpster? What could you build new on this plot?